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Nice is a luxurious resort located in the south of France. The city is one of the largest and most famous cities of France with  romantic atmosphere. Nice attracts tourists that want to relax on the beach .The city remained a large architectural heritage. It hosts a lot of exhibitions and museums. The town itself is a tourist attraction, with its azure sea, fine dining, shopping, romatic streets in artdeco style. By the number of galleries and museum, the city is second after Paris.

Nice and the French Riviera became famous thanks to the Promenade des Anglais with luxury hotels and beautiful beaches, a favorite place for tourists and locals. Here you can walk, jogging, blading, cycling, eat in great restaurants or relax in a sunchair looking at the sea. This embankment was  built by Englishman Lewis Way in 1820 at his own expense.

In the center of the city, in Piazza Rosetti, there are numerous cultural monuments such as the Cathedral of Saint Reparata the 17th century, and many administrative buildings. Very famous is the  Flower market Cours Selaya where you could buy flowers and fresh products. And at the edges of the market there are numerous souvenirs shops and stores. Magnificent chapels Misericordia and Gezyu are on Rue Droite and on the Cours Selaya.

Local churches were built with style and simplicity at the Jesuit style, such as the Church of St. Jacques. The building's interior is decorated with marble, gold and stained glass.

Heart of Nice and one of the jewels of the city is the Place Massena with  its magnificent red buildings and of course with the famous seven statues. On opposite sides of the square there are historical and new buildigs.

The city is hosting the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Chagall. The museum Matisse exhibited all the works of the author Andri Matisse inspired by the colors of Nice and the Riviera coast.

The new city is separated from the old one by river Le Paillon.

In Old Nice (Vieux Nice) you can not only admire the magnificent architecture, but also visit local restaurants, cafes, shops, several nightclubs and, of course,   try the most delicious local ice cream.

It is worth visiting the Castle Mountain - a beautiful park with paths and a waterfall with spectacular views of the sea and the city. The top of the hill can be reached by elevator or by foot. Also there are the remains of the cathedral of Sainte-Marie.

Taking a walk through the old town you will certainly see the City Hall (Hotel de Ville), the main square of Marché aux Fleurs, Justice Palace (Palais de Justice) - the former residence of the kings of Sardinia, and the Cathedral Ste. Réparate. Another, no less interesting architectural monument is the building of the Senate of the 17th century, built by the Count of Savoy. Now this building  is the home for the homeless overnight.

In the old part of the city there are also you could find the famous Opera of Nice, Congress Palace, Museum of Archaeology and many other magnificent structures.

On the outskirts of the city, in the district of Cimiez, are the ruins of the ancient Roman city, surrounded by a beautiful park. Here you can enjoy the classic arena of the first century a.c., where gladiatorial contests were held. It is surrounded by olive groves. The ancient Roman baths of 2-3 centuries a.d. are preserved perfectly.

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