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This city, with an unusual name Modena is known to many tourists as the "Motor city", because here engines for sports cars are manufactured.  Modena belongs to one of those cities that harmoniously combine modern technologies and magnificent historical and cultural monuments.  The city is located in one of the most picturesque places in Italy, not far from the legendary River Po, just a few miles from Ferrara.

You can start your sightseeing tour from the bell tower Ghirlandina bell tower, which height at last count is 86 meters. From this starting point you will be able to enjoy amazing, incomparable views of the entire city. This is a kind of an orienting point for travelers.

Modena is the city o "movement", so don’t miss the opportunity and make sure to visit the Ferrari museum, where you can not only learn some interesting facts, but will also be able to take a nice ride for a small fee.

Iconic landmarks, famous all over the world, are located on the main square. We are talking about residences, palaces, and, of course, the magnificent Duomo cathedral. Many architects say that the building was constructed with errors, but it does not prevent tourists from enjoying the beauty of the building. The interior of the cathedral is striking and you will remember it for years to come – marble statues, paintings, murals, wooden constructions – its elegance is beyond words, it must be seen.

Very popular among visitors to Modena is the Esense library with the largest collection of rare and ancient manuscripts - there are about 3000. In addition, the city has a lot of museums: ethnological, modern art, medieval and even the museum of tombstones. Each of them has its own unique flavor, which is why you will spend hours on hand in some of them.

Not many people know, but the Academy of the Armed Forces is located in Modena. Students here get complete combat training and represent the army of Italy. Among the graduates of the Academy there are many famous people who are well-known in Italy. Before that, this was the location of the Ducal Palace.

In Modena there are a lot of churches that are named after saints: church of St. George, Vincent, Francis, John the Baptist, Augustine, and many others. These legendary people made ​​a huge contribution to the development of the city. Nature lovers should definitely visit the Ducal and Botanical Parks where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life.

Modena is famous not only for its automotive manufacturing, but also for fine dining. Local restaurants and cafes will most likely offer you various sausages because Modena occupies leading positions in Italy in pork processing. Do not forget to taste some Lambrusco wine and treat yourself to local cheeses. Modena has fairly reasonable prices and very friendly people.

The city of Modena is not only a great place for a summer holiday, but also a great ski resort. Note, that in winter months there a plenty of tourists in the Apennines, so make sure to book your hotel in advance.

Remember that in the very center of Modena the traffic is very slow and restricted, so the best way to explore the city will be a bike. This way you will be able to discover the city from a different angle.

Modena is one of those towns that make you fall in love with it at first glance. Locals say that their city cannot be fully understood and beginning of every day – is a kind of a small life.

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