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Bologna is one of the main cities in the region of Emilia-Romagna. This is a university city, the students of which add certain lightness to life the city, ease and fun, which makes it particularly attractive. The history of the city is well preserved to this day, thanks to the efforts that were undertaken since 1960 for the restoration and preservation of the city, its attractions and historical landmarks.

For centuries Bologna was considered a center of art and culture. Works of art, artistic and monumental masterpieces of ancient times have been preserved to this day. The structure of the old town, its churches, historic houses and medieval towers – all of this attracts tourists with its mystery that transcended through the centuries.

Culinary delights of Bologna have been famous since the Middle Ages. At that time, the city was populated by aristocrats, for whom dishes were prepared by the best chefs. An abundance of students who come here from different countries also influenced the formation of the local cuisine. Bologna culinary specialties are known for their diversity. The most delicious and popular of the dishes are mortadella, tortellini, lasagna, sauce ragout or Bolognese (usually used with such dishes as tagliatelle). According to a legend, "tortellini" were made in a shape of the navel of Venus, and "tagliatelle" were made ​​to look like long hair of the beautiful Lucrezia Borgia.

After Rimini Bologna is the second largest shopping center in Italy. This is where major businessmen of the CIS countries buy their clothes, accessories and other items. Bologna is home to warehouses, stocks and factories that make many Italian goods.

In the center of Bologna there is the square of Piazza Maggiore. In the Middle Ages here was built the Basilica of San Petronio in the Gothic style, later decorated with bas-reliefs by Jacopo della Quercia.

The first example of French Gothic architecture in Italy is the church of San Francesco, built in the 13th century. Adjacent to it is the church of Santo Domenico, which still preserves the relics of saints.

The square of Santo Stefano, also known as the "seven churches" includes several chapels and churches, concentrated all in one place. Original structures were built in the VIII century in honor of the Egyptian goddess Isis. To this day a stone that says that this temple is dedicated to the goddess was preserved. Today, some of the chapels are dedicated to outstanding figures, especially military officers who fell heroically on battlefields.

Also built in Gothic style – the Cathedral of San Pietro, San Giacomo Maggiore, Santa Maria della Vita, known for its items made of baked clay, as well as some of the other buildings in the vicinity.

Symbol of Bologna is undoubtedly its medieval towers. They are known all over the world: for example, the tower Asinelli is the tallest tower in Italy. It was used in the XVIII century to conduct research related to the force of gravity. Another tower, Ghibellini, is a historic landmark, because it was built in the XII century, by the will of the nobility that ruled at that time.

Bologna is well known for its tourist attractions, churches, palaces and museums. Tourists can enjoy excursions to historical picturesque places, as well as choose any type of entertainment to their taste: they can go to the theater, cinema or restaurants, or enjoy active sports. For those who want to relax and enjoy SPA-procedures there are treatment centers that offer an abundance of different programs to take care of face and body, with the use of thermal water, mud baths and various types of massage.

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