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Matera - unusual, amazing in its atmosphere of a city located in the south of Italy.
The history of the "city of the rocks" goes a long way in the past. For many centuries in Matera was ruled by various dynasties, from the descendants of Charlemagne and ending with the present day, but the main blow was received during the Second World War.

The inhabitants of Matera, one of the first rebelled against the German occupation forces and the army have shown their steadfast spirit. Given this fact, the city was badly damaged, the site of the ruins of the settlements were formed. Many locals have stayed in the rocks.

Currently Matera attracts hundreds of tourists every day, and is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Settlement in the rocks of Matera is protected by UNESCO.

Matera is located in the picturesque region of Basilicata, between two seas - the Tyrrhenian and Ionian. The city is so inspiring and positive energy charges that many great works and feature films (more than forty) has been birth birth in this place: "The Passion of the Christ" - Mel Gibson, "King David", "wolf", musical masterpieces Egidio Dunya and other famous people.

Researchers, historians emphasize that nowhere in the world can not see such a variety of interesting buildings devoted to the Christian faith (many rock-hewn churches, unique murals and icons). Indigenous people say that the first stone church was laid in it "cave town".

The nearest airport is at Bari, about 60 km. In Matera great transport links, so regularly stops by buses in different directions: Milan, Rome, Florence and other Italian cities.

In Matera are many attractions. Mostly churches and winding labyrinths of caves, but in order to get back to the basics of history, visit the National Museum Domenico Ridola. Named in honor of the Museum Domenico Ridola - known senator and a doctor who was very fond of antique style and did everything for its prosperity. Most of his life he shone his research and put together a unique collection of artifacts that the current museum staff are trying to fill.

Be sure to visit the cave complex of San Nicola dei Grechi. Every year there are interesting exhibitions of unusual sculptures. It is not only the "key" to a new art, but also to inner harmony.

You may be interested to visit the Museum of peasant culture. At this point collected everyday objects "cave town".

Should not stay away, and Museum of Modern Art. It represented a fairly extensive collection of works by the famous Carlo Levi and other Neapolitan artists.

Matera specializes in cereals, housewives hand make the bread and the pasta - it's a good, long-standing tradition. Be sure to try the tabs in clay pots, meat and mixed vegetables.

Majestic ruins were not only after the war, many of the gorge were formed naturally as a result of the impact of rivers. Bird's-eye view can be seen throughout the city "glory."

Many hotels and restaurants are located directly in the caves, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding buildings and nature. The locals call the stones - "Sassy".

In the summer there is a Matera festival of St. Mary. In addition to the Holiday Fair, staged a show of interest, at the end always give fireworks.

Matera - this is the "real" Italy, with genuine hospitality and perfect order.

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