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France is located in the western part of Europe, bordered by Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg on the north-east, Switzerland and Germany - on the east, Monaco and Italy - on the south-east, with Andorra and Spain - on the south-west. France is the largest country in area among the countries of the Euro Union. Its territory covers 547,000 square kilometers, and with departments and overseas territories is 643,500 square kilometers totally. Also the island of Corsica belongs to France.

Climate of France is moderately warm ,in the east the temperate is continental and in the Mediterranean coast - subtropical. In central France the summer is hot (+ 20 ° C to + 25 ° C) and the winter is mild and wet (from 0 ° C to + 3 ° C). In the north of France the climate is mild and humid, in the summer from 22 ° C to + 26 ° C and in the winter from 10 ° C to + 16 ° C. In the south the climate is  Mediterranean.

The largest rivers are the Loira (French longest river, 1,012 kilometers), the Garonne, the Seine and Rhone.

France is one of  the five most visited countries. Every year the country is visited by 60 million of tourists. Province of France is different from the other with their traditions and customs, nature and architecture, but all have a unique taste, color and style. In total they are 22 provinces, the most famous are Gascony, Burgundy, Champagne, Normandy, Alsace, Provence, Brittany. In France, in almost every city, are concentrated a huge quantity  of cultural values. The country has countless of cultural monuments. France just attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, the beautiful slopes of the Alps and the magnificent medieval castles.

The French capital and cultural center of the country is the chaotic city of Paris, crowded by tourists from all the world. In Paris there are attractions at every step. Heart of Paris is Notre Dame Cathedral that is  considered the masterpiece of Gothic art impressing with its delightful towers, statues, galleries, bell tower and stained glass. A symbol of France is considered the Eiffel tower of 324 meters high.

Seashores of this beautiful country attracts many tourists. They extend to 3120 kilometers. Cote d'Azur has long been considered as the main European leisure center. Along the coast there are luxury hotels, restaurants, private beaches, luxury villas and boutiques. There are historical monuments such as the cathedral of Grasse, Valbonne Abbey Monastery Lerenov fort Monalbana, Church Bar-sur-Loup, the church Lyuserama and Simiezsky monastery. Also in this place there are great natural attractions such as the Gorge de Restefon-Bonnett, numerous waterfalls and mountain springs.

French cuisine is one of the most peculiar in the world. The most famous local products are baguettes, croissants, pancakes from pea flour "socca", long loaves, bread, chocolate, Burgundy snails, eggs "Kokot" with tarragon, lobster with parsley, onion pie "pisalade" sausages in Lyons, and of course onion soup. The French use a variety of sauces, more than three thousand recipes. Each region has its own traditional cuisine.

France is famous for its wines. It produces many varieties of wines and vineyards are a national treasure. On the label of the best wines is the inscription "Appellation controlee" which means "Controlled Designation of Origin". The price corresponds to the quality of wine: the more expensive they are the better they are.

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Distances between main cities

Ницца Монте-карло Санремо Генуя Турин Милан Венеция
Ницца 21 71 195 279 317 569
Монте-карло 57 181 265 302 555
Санремо 148 232 270 522
Генуя 171 143 396
Турин 143 403
Милан 269
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