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Falcade  - wonderful picturesque resort located in the province of Belluno, which is in the region Veneto in Italy. Falcade is conveniently located near Venice, just 110 kilometers away, and very close to Belluno.Falcade is one of the border areas Trevalli (Three Valleys) Ski Area, ski area with a lot of trails and slopes, about 100 km, which stretched from  Veneto region to Trentino Region;  also Falcade is today part of the Dolomites Super Ski.

In Summer time numerous mountain trails, especially popular among cyclists and climbers, as they are simple walkers.

Beautiful hilltops, proudly towering over the city, with their slopes you can see all the buildings, the picturesque nature and the magic beauty of coastal zone.

Falcade climate is particularly interesting,  from the north blows cold wind, bringing air white clouds, and from the south, on the contrary, a mild Mediterranean breeze, warm and pleasant. Mix of these winds creates an especially good climate, combining Mediterranean and Alpine air. You will be pleasantly surprised by a huge variety of vegetation in these places: luxurious trees, shrubs and flowerings of different bright colors and fragrant flowers. Such a variety of plants in a small area has always inspired writers, poets and artists who are fascinated by the beauty of the local, created his best works here.

The city has many beautiful parks, alleys clean and cured, nice benches, roundabouts and fabulous nature. It is especially nice to walk in the heat of the day in the shade of the trees, feel the wonderful aroma of flowers and pine needles, enjoy the birdsong and children's voices, playing on special playgrounds.

Local hotels are distinguished by their diversity, here you find a wide selection of rooms to suit all tastes,  from the spacious and bright  to the cozy small rooms with dim lights, which give a special atmosphere of romance.

All hotels provide their guests with excellent conditions for accommodation, all rooms are furnished with special equipment, that you may need during the holidays;

good-natured and friendly staff will give you a special home-like atmosphere and will always be at your service if you need any help. The hotel's restaurant will delight you with delicious cuisine. After being during all day on the mountain slopes, at dinner you will want to eat well, here you have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a whole range of flavors that are prepared for you as the recipes of the Falcade  cuisine.

Separately, I want to say as regards of local wines that here they are particularly well manufactured, and many tourists come here just for them. So, having been in the restaurant, be sure to order a glass of good wine and enjoy its wonderful aroma and tast.

Hotels Falcade also delight you with additional services. Fans of different sports will be able to play here in basketball or volleyball, work out in the gym and do yoga. All hotels have additional massage, spa and sauna, a wonderful continuation of the evening after a day of skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

In general, hotels Falcade meet you with sympathy and warmth, and you will want to come again and again here.

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