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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is an Italian town in the province of Bolzano (Bozen), located at the intersection of Val Pusteria - Valley of the Eastern Alps and the Val Badia - Alto Adige Valley, near the ski resort of Plan de Corones (Kronplatz).

This joint is surrounded by mountains, including peaks Vedrette of Ries, located at an altitude of about  830 meters above sea level. Its capital is Mantana, Onies,  Elle, Ronchi, St. Martin, Palu , Maria Sares, St. Stephen, Castle Badia, Fassino and Kapolino (Head). San Lorenzo district was already inhabited during the Mesolithic and later was conquered by the Romans, who settled and built a military camp called Sebatum.

San Lorenzo has a particularly rich history, its geographical position at the confluence of the Rienz and Badia , has always had a strategic importance since ancient times.

Castles of San Michele and Badia one to the right of the river Rienzi, the other on the left, have in common jewelry well preserved . From an archaeological point of view of San Lorenzo is the most important of the whole valley, in 1857 was found Migliara (stone pillar used by the Romans to mark the distance on the road). Now the stone is in the museum Ferdinand in Innsbruck, while in San Lorenzo can see a duplicate. San  Lorenzo was once the center of the administrative district Sebatum, on a hill opposite the church were found archaeological remains of houses, warehouses and homes.

Another attraction is the church Sares, attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Val Pusteria is ideal for biking, or if you want to take a trip through the picturesque valleys, the train stops at the Val Pusteria San Lorenzo.

Special attention merit the Church of San Lorenzo. Its irregular shape evidence that the building was built over the centuries, from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century. Here, among other works delicious, there is the famous fresco of the Madonna, which offers a bunch of grapes child, this early work of Michael Pacher  - painter, whose identity is one of the most significant in the history of region of South Tyrol.

To discover the history of the settlement Val Pusteria, you must visit the new museum Mancio Sebatum. Three-story museum will allow you to travel in time from the foundation of the country to date.

As for entertainment, you can go to a sports center in the city center, where you will have the opportunity to play basketball, badminton, football and handball.

While parents are competing on the tennis courts, there is a huge children's playground. In winter you can skate with the whole family. Only a shuttle service connects the city with the slopes of the ski resort of Plan de Corones. San - Lorenzo is a great place that meets the needs of athletes prefer lovers of winter sports and the beautiful virgin nature.

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San Lorenzo

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