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Monclassico (Monclassico) is an Italian alpine commune in the Val di Sole (Val di Sole) in the province of Trento (Trento), located in a picturesque place where you can admire the mountain massif forming part of the Brenta Nature Park Adamello-Brenta, as well as in several steps from the ski lifts Folgarida-Marilleva (Folgarida-Marilleva) and Madonna di Campiglio (Madonna di Campiglio).

This commune consists of two areas, Monclassico and Presson (Presson). For the first time in historical documents of the Monclassico mentioned in 1178, while on Presson was first mentioned in 1182.

In this quiet area are large, well-equipped sports facilities, and natural biological ponds. In the area of ​​Presson, is home to about 1,000 people working in the tourism industry and gardening (actually mostly growing apples). In Monclassico rather the development of industry, tourism, trade and processing of timber.

Most of its territory is part of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta, full of routes and trails for hiking and biking. Sports facilities, in the village there is also a tennis court, bowling alley, soccer field as well as the opportunity to try paragliding.

In the summer, do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the bio-pond, which opened in July and August, it is a natural ecological swimming pool, size of about 500 square meters and reaches a maximum depth of 3 meters. This unique pond is cleaned thanks to plants and microorganisms, so no need to use chemicals such as chlorine. Next to the pond, were created as a playground and a bar. Monclassico summer is a great starting point for excursions in the Stelvio National Park or Nature Park Adamello Brenta. In Val di Sole bike paths surrounded by nature. In Monclassico you can practice Nordic walking, rafting, golf, sport fishing and horseback riding.

In the winter it is possible to ski in ski resorts Folgarida, where there is 108 km of slopes and Daolasa. And is close to the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio. Trails resorts perfectly maintained and serviced by fast lifts. In the ski resort of Folgarida laid tracks for all levels of riding. Blue hills on the slopes of Monte Spolverino (Monte Spolverino) suitable for beginners and children. For intermediate skiers skiing will be interesting red trail Mastellissima (Mastellissima). And for the experts allocated challenging tracks Nera di Folgarida (Nera di Folgarida) 1859 meters long.

It is worth visiting the historic center of this small commune with many attractions, such as the Church of San Vigilio (San Vigilio) nineteenth-century Baroque wood and marble altars and late Gothic sculptures. In the area of ​​Presson you can visit the church of Our Lady of Loreto (Madonna di Loreto) in 1600. It is in the village of Monclassico was found a great Trentino "stua" of the seventeenth century, kept in the Museum Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum in Innsbruck.

In the center of the village in the Fountain Square you can see in one of the buildings a large mural in 1511 (4 square meters), depicting Saints Rocco and Sebastian on the right side, next to Madonna depicted seated on a throne and a child standing next to her, leaning on her knees.

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