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Italian resort of Sestriere is located on a hill of the same name, at an altitude of 2035 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Western Alps. The resort is located on the border with France, in the heart of the largest ski region in the world called “Milky Way” (Via Lattea). This is where rich and famous come to vacation and ski the slopes of two countries: Italy and France. The resort is famous for its numerous competitions held here during the Olympic Games in 2006. Perfectly groomed and comfortable runs are laid among amazing deciduous forest.

Well-developed infrastructure of the resort offers luxury hotels, comfortable apartments, camping, villas, many bars, restaurants, night clubs, discos, and entertainment centers - all to make sure that guests could have fun and relax in this fashionable resort.

The resort is divided into three ski areas: Monte Sises, Monte Banchetta and a common area with a French resort Sauze d'Oulx - Fraiteve. Using a single ski pass, you can ski all three areas. Runs of varying difficulty are suitable for skiers of all skill levels, but you should take note that there are not that many blue runs, but predominantly red and black ones.

The maximum skiing height is 2,824 meters with a vertical drop of 789 meters. There are almost never any problems with snow here. Snowmaking system is used on the lower sections. The total length of runs is 400 kilometers.

The resort is equipped with 46 T-bar and 38 chair lifts, one wagon and five cabins.

Professional skiers will love an interesting descent from the top of Sises. It is also used for many competitions, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships. This run is also available for night skiing because it is well lit. At the top of Monte Sota at an altitude of 2823 meters you will find a lot of red and black runs. From the top of mount Mott there is a black run that leads to Sestriere. And of course we want to mention a black run from the top of Banchette, which often holds famous competitions in freestyle.

Intermediate level skiers will find suitable the slopes of the ski area Motta. There are plenty of red runs here going down to Borgata. Interesting runs are also on the slope of Sisses in sectors Sansicario, Clavier and Sauze d'Oulx. Red runs are rather difficult enough, but they will give you a unique experience with a double portion of adrenaline.

For beginners we recommend easy runs on the lower portions of the sectors Sestriere, Sansicario and Sauze d'Oulx.

The resort offers a wide range of possibilities for other kinds of winter activities. There are trails for cross-country skiing, you can try heli-skiing, off-piste skiing, skiing safari, paragliding, snowshoeing or ice skating. The sports center has a swimming pool, a gym, tennis courts and a sauna.

Sestriere has four ski schools. The biggest of them is the ski school Scuola Nazionale Sci Sestriere, where 1509 the most experienced instructors conduct both group and individual lessons for children and adults. Here, you will find lessons of alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemarking.

In a new, modern ski school Scuola di sci Sestriere Extreme there are 40 instructors that teach adults and kids snowboarding, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.

For younger guests starting at 2 years old there is a kindergarten Asilo Neve. Children from 6 years old can also go to a ski school.

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  • Grand Hotel Sestriere

    Four-star hotel Grand Sestriere gladly awaits its guests and offers them unsurpassed Italian cuisine, beautiful and spacious rooms, decorated by the best designers, the amazing panoramic views of Sestriere - what could be better. The hotel boasts a huge lounge with upholstered furniture, as well as …

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    Villaggio Olimpico Sestriere

    In the past the hotel Villaggio Olimpico in the resort town of Sestriere used to accommodate athletes. Now this apartment-hotel is open for everyone and can offer bright rooms, three on-site restaurants and a wellness center with an indoor pool. The price of your stay …

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    Hotel Roseo

    Known to many people for its historical significance, the hotel Principi di Piemonte is now called the Roseo hotel. It is still located in the town of Sestriere in the Italian region of Piedmont. The building has retained its historic look and resembles a beautiful, …

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    Hotel Shackleton Mountain Resort

    As soon as you come to the comfortable, four-star hotel “Shackleton Mountain Resort”, you will immediately feel the refined taste of hospitality and the refinement of forms. The hotel is located in Sestriere, in the central part of the Via Lattea region that is popular …

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    Ski Club I Cavalieri

    Three star hotel Ski Club I Cavalieri is pleased to offer to its guests a high quality of service, spacious residences, dishes from delicious Piedmontese cuisine and much more. This modern hotel is located in the picturesque town of Sestriere. The hotel is located on …

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    Hotel Savoy Edelweiss & Spa

    The spa-hotel “Savoy Edelweiss” is located in the center of the resort town Sestriere. It is situated just 150 meters away from the ski lifts. The guests of “Savoy Edelweiss” may enjoy wellness services and taste the local Piedmont foods, offered by the elegant restaurant. The …

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    Hotel Residence Palace 1 e 2

    Treat yourself to an unforgettable journey into the mountains, staying at the resort hotel residence “Palace 1 e 2”. The residence is located in the central part of the amazingly beautiful town Sestriere, close to a famous region called the Milky Way. Nice and cozy studio-rooms …

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    Hotel Biancaneve

    The tree-star hotel “Biancaneve” is characterized by the homely hospitable atmosphere and the elegant taste. The hotel is located in the center of the town Sestriere. The ski lifts are situated only 200 meters away from the hotel. All the guests may enjoy a free …

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    Residence Alouette

    Residence Alouette is a characteristic mountain building built with stone and wood as in the past. Infact it was, during the ancient times, a granary in the middle of the historical centre of Sestriere. Now this residence mixes perfectly the old atmosphere and modern comforts …

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