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Piemonte is a region located in the north-west area of Italy. It’s considered the western door from which you can easily reach Switzerland and France, to the east direction it borders with Valle d’Aosta,  Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Liguria.

Its name represents clearly its territory : from the Latin “Pedemontium”, that means at the foot of the mountains, in fact its area is mostly made up of high mountains (the Alps) and coming down to the plain, it’s characterized by hills (the Appennin). But the heart of this region is a wide plan full of important rivers as Po, Tanaro, Dora Baltea, Dora Riparia and Ticino, all these rivers create a very riched plain, the Pianura Padana that cross the South of Lombardy , a big part of Emilia Romagna, part of the Veneto till finding end to the Adriatic Coast where the Po river meets the water of the sea.

Worth of a note is also Lago Maggiore, one of the biggest Italian lakes, that calls thousands of tourists each year from all over the world. It’s located on the border line with Lombardy, its famous for its wonderful climate, its landscape, its luxury palaces and its relaxing atmosphere.

Fifteen royal residences have been recognized as historic monuments by UNESCO as "World Heritage Site" in 1997. Its historical palaces, its majestic gardens, its  imposing castles and interesting museums (more than 400 attraction in Piemonte have an high cultural value recognized all over the world.

Many cities are present in Piemonte: the capital one, the most famous is of course TORINO. In the past it was the first capital city of the Italian Republic (now Roma), now it offers sightseeing, museums and cultural attractions as Egyptian Museum, Reggia Venaria Reale, the Mole Antoneliana, the Sacra Sindone, Parco Valentino and just few kilometres far away from the city the Superga Basilica. Than Alessandria and Asti as well as Cuneo welcome guests with their typical tasting of Wines, Cheeses, Chocolates, Truffles, and a lot of local delicacies that all the Piemonte Region offer all the year together with tours and excursion discovering the beauties of the territory of Langhe, Monferrato, Roero, Barolo,…and again Castles, Valleys, Sanctuaries.

In the provinces of Novara  and Vercelli  the economy is based on rice cultivation. These provinces are the first Italian manufacturers of this cereal. Other local products that grown on the lands of Piemonte are: cereals, potatoes, vegetables as truffles mushrooms, fruit and meat. Some words also for production of Wines thanks to its temperate climate, so let’s drink a glass of good Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, and again Monferrato, Nebbiolo, Pinerolo

The main income of the region brings from skiing activities and ski season (from November till April). Piemonte in fact offers to tourists who love ski activities relax in the scenic spots, breathtaking landscape and splendid natural views.

For what concern Tourism, Piemonte is characterized by a great opportunities for winter sports, not only ski, but also snow-board, skating and trekking activities thank to the presence of the Alps.

Piemonte counts more than 53 ski resorts, 14 snow-parks, 300 lifts,  in total more than 1300 km of trails and ski routes. In Piemonte, you can find from luxury hotels to budget bed & breakfast, and no problem to stop camping or get a room in a farm-holiday or simply locating an apartment.

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Distances between main cities

Torino Sestriere Cervinia Courmayeur Genova Milano
Torino 100 118 149 173 143
Sestriere 209 240 264 237
Cervinia 93,7 251 188
Courmayeur 286 224
Genova 143
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