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Cities for Fit

Italy and its main cities represent from years one of the most required destination all over the world.  Its renowned art- cities every day are visited by thousands and thousands of tourists that crowd their city center, the main tourist attraction as museums, always searching for the best picture, as present of the experienced visit/holidays.

Each region in Italy offers several guided excursions for visiting each city, discovering out also new itineraries, aspects and wonderful landscapes or views most of them quite unknown to the tourist, that  are worth of a little stop.

Each city, on the base of its historical age, brings proof of its past: so it will be easy to find streets and road of Roman Age, Monuments dated to the Byzantine Era, Etruscan necropolis, in South Italy ruins of Greek and Norman period, till nowadays when our main artists (painters, sculptors but also writers and composers) have showed the best of their art, creating masterpieces connected to the Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic till Contemporary Art.

It’s useless to make a list of all the wonders that a tourist can see simply walking around the historical city center of Roma, Firenze, Venezia, Milano or Napoli, Palermo, Genova, Bologna, Torino,…or make a list of all sightseeing  “symbol” of a city as the Leaning Tower for Pisa, the Elephant for Catania, the Balcony of Romeo & Juliet for Verona or furthermore Siena with its famous Square.

But Italy offers further destination, most of the time unknown or not reported in the tourist official guide as Ravenna and its breathtaking mosaics rich in colors and shades; Padova and its deep piety to Saint Anthony; Como and its nice promenade along the lake, Orvieto  and its famous Romanic Cathedral or Siracusa and the nearest Noto, the Italian capital of Baroque Age, acknowledged as Unesco Heritage, but there are wonderful location and area that are waiting to be visited as: Val d’Orcia vicino a Siena; Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Palazzi Rolli in Genova, Etruscan location as Cerveteri  and Tarquinia, the city of Verona, the historical center of Urbino, the archeological area of Aquileia, Valle dei Templi of Agrigento, archeological sites as Pompei, or the Dom of Modena, the little city center of Pienza, and further more.

Each city will  amaze tourist for several reasons: first of all for its own artistic and cultural heritage, as Roma or Firenze;  for its picturesque  historical center that hold wonderful squares, little lanes, churches and sightseeing as Venice, Genova or Napoli. Or also for its breathtaking  panoramic views that could offer Torino or Catania; for its own culinary art and tradition with wines, cheeses, delicacies, all products  recognized as DOC or DOP.

Larus Viaggi offers you the possibility to know better these locations, trying to appreciate their culinary background with itineraries created tailor-made for you with wine and food tasting.

Without forgetting all the farm, handicraft laboratories, where it’s possible to assist the creation and production of the great part of products “made in Italy” as  Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Aceto Balsamico di Modena and further more as the chocolate of Perugia, the Pesto  Sauce of Genova.

All organized with extreme attention to the requests and needs of clients in Larus Viaggi style,  the Incoming Tour Operator for Italy since 1984!

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  • price € 551,00

    Italia Express - Rome

    Roma - Florence - Venice

    City of arrival: Roma

    City of departure: Venezia

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    price € 364,00

    Enjoy Ferrara


    City of arrival: Ferrara

    City of departure: Ferrara

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    price € 373,00

    Bologna and Ferrara

    Bologna - Ferrara

    City of arrival: Bologna

    City of departure: Bologna

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    Sicilia: A dip into the South of Italy.

    Palermo - Agrigento - Syracuse - Catania



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    UMBRIA: The Heart of Italy

    Assisi - Perugia



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    Views of Romagna

    Ravenna - Rimini



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    price € 656,00

    Emilia Romagna: Queen of Delicacies and Motors

    Bologna - Modena - Parma



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  • Mantova

    Mantova is a lovely city located in North Italy, in the region of Lombardia on the River Mincio, well-connected to several touristic attraction as the Garda Lake, the city of Verona, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena. From July 2008, Mantova (the city of Gonzaga Family …

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    Bergamo (Bergamo) - Italian town, which is located in the Lombardy region, the city is the administrative center of the province of Bergamo. Bergamo is situated on a hilltop, it is rich in a variety of very interesting architecture, which is represented by several epochs. Special influence …

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    Ancona is the chief town of the Marche region, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Here there is one of the most important ports of Italy. The city was founded by the Greeks of Syracuse in 387 A.C.  It was later conquered by the Romans. During this period, …

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    Matera - unusual, amazing in its atmosphere of a city located in the south of Italy. The history of the "city of the rocks" goes a long way in the past. For many centuries in Matera was ruled by various dynasties, from the descendants of Charlemagne …

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    Noto is one of the most famous resorts of whole Sicily that worth of a visit. Since 2002, Noto together other closer towns is in the list of the Unesco Heritage thanks to its wonderful and spectacular sightseeing connected with the Baroque period all concentrated in …

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    Beautiful, mysterious town of Assisi is located on the Apennine peninsula. According to the native Italians, this "little corner" of the earth is marked by a special seal of a higher power. There are many local legends and mysteries about Assisi that you have yet …

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    This city, with an unusual name Modena is known to many tourists as the "Motor city", because here engines for sports cars are manufactured.  Modena belongs to one of those cities that harmoniously combine modern technologies and magnificent historical and cultural monuments.  The city is …

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    Lucca is an Italian town situated in the northwest region of Tuscany between the mountains and the Serra Pizzorno. The town attracts tourist for the rich history, lovely location, magnificent churches and chic restaurants. Lucca is the birthplace of the Italian famous  opera composer Giacomo …

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    Trieste is a charming Italian town in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located on the border with Slovenia. Town impregnated of unique beauty and mysterious history. Trieste - the largest port of the Adriatic Sea. Due to the natural depth of the sea here could …

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    The city of Catania lies at the foot of Mount Etna, on the coast of the Ionian Sea (Mare Ionico), in the eastern part of Sicily (Sicilia). The volcano is known for its temper and the city at times gets devastating surprises. The city of …

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  • Hotel Due Torri - Veneto

    The Due Torri Hotel is situated in the historic center of Verona near the church of Saint Anastasia, as stone’s throw from Juliet’s famous balcony, Piazza Bra and the Arena, known throughout the world. The superb quality of the furnishings and the professional service are highly …

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    Hotel Jw Marriott Venice Resort Spa - Veneto

    Escape the ordinary and retreat to the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa. 5-star luxury hotel boasts a breathtaking location on Isola delle Rose, a private island located in Venice, Italy and near top attractions like St. Mark's Square (which is only 20 minutes away …

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    Centurion Palace - Venezia

    Hotel Centurion Palace is ready to offer its guests a five-star service and chic residences. A distinctive feature of the Centurion Palace hotel is that it is located in a fantastic building erected in 1892. The rooms offer beautiful views of the Grand Canal, and it’s …

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    Bauer Il Palazzo - Venezia

    Luxury combined with the unsurpassed quality of service – let us introduce you the five-star hotel “Bauer Il Palazzo”, which is located in a beautiful historic 18th-century building, just a few minutes’ walk from the famous Piazza San Marco. The rooms of the hotel overlook …

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    Bauer Hotel - Venezia

    The magic atmosphere of hospitality, refined fanciful shapes, expensive fabrics and furniture – let us introduce you the luxurious, elegant five-star hotel “Bauer”. The hotel is only a few minutes’ walk from the famous square Piazza San Marco in one of the most beautiful cities …

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    Grand Hotel Vesuvio - Napoli

    Luxury combined with the refined taste of hospitality, welcome to the prestigious five-star Grand Hotel Vesuvio, which is located in the historic, famous quarter of Naples - Santa Lucia. Nearby is the legendary fortress of Castel dell'Ovo and the port. The hotel offers an unforgettable, …

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    Grand Hotel Santa Lucia - Napoli

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    Grand Hotel Parker's - Napoli

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    Hotel De Russie - Lazio

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    Hotel La Griffe Roma - Roma

    Luxury combined with refined elegant shapes and designs, bright prints and original, natural materials: we are talking about a unique designer five-star hotel La Griffe Roma. The hotel is located in Rome, within walking distance from various attractions such as the Trevi Fountain, various galleries …

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