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Treviso - pretty town, which is called the "Venice in miniature"for the reason that it contains a lot of beautiful colorful houses of fishermen, who are scattered all along the river.Treviso hard at all to imagine without the presence of water, all the historical events in the city are connected with two rivers: the Sile, it crosses the historic part of the city, and the Botteniga. Both rivers create a landscape of great beauty, and are connected together with the majestic ramparts and the fragile nice houses, to create an unique, characteristic only for Treviso, view of the city.

Tourists love  Treviso, because this city is not as well known as Venice. Lesser-known cities pleases for the reason that there is less hustle and bustle, noise and bustle around the attractions. But here they find in abundance beautiful panoramas, wonderful plants, cozy cafes, ornate channels and other advantages of the city.

Kitchen Treviso - is to begin from its unique wines: Soave Classico, Crearo Conca d'Oro, Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Rafael, Amarone della Valpolicella, Fiorato Recioto and many other fine wines, which we strongly recommend you to try .

Also known for its local cuisine withdelicious fish, here are cooked river and lake fish, trout, crayfish, eels and others. Another one of the specialties of this region is "Tacchinella Farchita alla Trevignana", the turkey of Treviso. Well, last but not least I want to mention risotto and pasta, which are also prepared in a special way.

The city center is a wonderful square Piazza dei Signori, it is famous for its magnificent medieval palaces. The most interesting of them - Palazzo dei Trecento, built in the XIII century. You should absolutely also go to the Duomo,  here is located the chapel with frescoes by Pordenone and a picture of the great Tiziano. Not far from the square is the Gothic Church of San Nicolò, City Hall and other historic sites.

One very beautiful parts of the city is Vicolo Molinetto, it is known for its old city mill, located nearby, and  the island of Pescheria, with the fish markets.

Special thanks to the Towers of Treviso, they have been preserved in very good condition and are reminiscent of bygone times. The city walls stretch for 4 km in the old city center. In the fortress can be accessed through several gates: Forty Saints, St. Tommaso, and through the gate Altino. Finally is worth visiting the church of San Francesco, which is the tomb of the son of Dante and Petrarca's daughter.

Very popular among tourists is a collection assembled by the church and monastery of St. Catherine Slaves of Mary, which is located nearby. The collection includes a number of ancient archaeological finds, various manuscripts and murals, which were found during excavations in the city . All finds belong to the  II century BC. In the monastery you can also find frescoes, which were created in the XIV-XV centuries, the Stories of  Holy Orsola by  Tommaso da Modena; among other things there are even pictures of famous Bellini, Lotto, Titian and Tiepolo.

The atmosphere of the city attracts with its comfort and tenderness, invites tourists to come here, they love Treviso, expecially because it blows happiness and joy and good heat.

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