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The city Aosta (Aosta) is the administrative centre of the region Aosta Valley (Valle d'Aosta), it is located at a height of 585 m above sea level on the left bank of the river Dora Baltea (Dora Baltea) and surrounded by mighty mountains, such as Mount Emilius (Monte Emilius) (3559 meters) and Mount Becca di Viou (2856 meters).

This city is dated the Neolithic era. From the eighth century BC, the tribes of salas, who were striving to not obey the Romans for many years, lived here. Then, in 26 BC, Augustus ordered to destroy the town. In his honour, a triumphal arch was built; it is extant. The Romans built a new town August Salassorum Pretoria. Now it is the city Aosta, it is called a Roman city, due to the original layout, monuments, towers and fortress walls. The famous Praetorian Gate (Porta Praetoria) is preserved; nearby, there are the ruins of the Roman theatre, which look great against the background of picturesque mountains. The wall, which is 22 meters in height, was built on the stage of the Roman theatre. Next to the cathedral you can see the ruins of the Roman Forum. The Kriptoportiko Gallery, the arsenal with three small temples, the ruins of an old fortress with the Torre del Pailleron, the Villa della Consolata (Villa romana della Consolata), and the bridge over the river Dora Baltea are also extant.

We offer you to visit such medieval monuments as the Collegiate Church of Saint Orso (Collegiata di Sant'Orso), the Monastery of Santa Caterina (Monastero Santa Caterina), the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta), built in the twelfth century, Piazza Roncas (Piazza Roncas), the Chapel of San Grato (Cappella San Grato) and the famous towers, which belonged to the Balivis (Torre dei Balivi) and the Fromages (Torre Fromage).

Today the city Aosta is the beautiful and cosy city, where you can find many shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. The official languages are Italian and French, so one can often hear people speaking French there.

In the suburbs of the city Aosta, in the mountains, there are medieval castles. Some of them have been well preserved, such as the Castle of Fenis (Castello di Fénis), built in 1340 - one of the most beautiful European castles. Inside you can admire the wonderful frescoes, painted by Giacomo Giacherio (Giacomo Giacherio) in the 15th century. Issogne Castle (castello di Issogne), built in 1490, is one of the most famous castles of Aosta Valley. It is unique due to the courtyard, equipped with a pomegranate fountain and a colourful porch, a rare example of alpine medieval art, and, surely, due to the frescoes, depicting the scenes of everyday life of the late Middle Ages. There are also other interesting medieval buildings, such as Faith Castle (Castello di Verrès), built in the 14th century, Ussel-Châtillon Castle (Castello di Ussel Châtillon), built in the 14th century, Savoy Castle (Castel Savoia), built in the 19th century, Saint-Pierre Castle (Castello di Saint-Pierre), built in the 12th century, and many others.

The city Aosta is located close to many ski resorts. You can buy a special ski pass and use all the ski trails; their total length is 718 kilometres. There are 180 chairlifts. There are the kindergartens and snow parks, designed for children. The ski tourist season lasts from December to April.

The ski resort Pila (Pila) is located at a height of 1800 meters 18 kilometres away from the city Aosta. This new resort is well-appointed. The ski trails of the resort are 70 km in length. 73% of them are red ones, designed for semi-advanced skiers. The local snow park is divided into two zones: a zone, equipped with slopes, designed for snowboarders, and a zone, equipped with a half-pipe. Those, who like cross-country skiing, can use the plain trails, which are 29 kilometres in length.  In summer it is a great place for hiking.

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