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Bastia Umbra

Bastia Umbra is a town that covers a flat area of the Umbrian valley situated between Assisi and Perugia along the banks of the river Chiascio and it present a climate typical of the Italian Tyrrhenian Regions. The origin of this city  dates back to 1053 when it was still called Insula Romana due to of the many floods of the river Chiascio.

For decades the history of fortification  it was associated with continuous fights between the two cities of Assisi and Perugia and only in 1614 it was able  to create their own laws. Subsequently suffered 'the invasion by Napoleon, it returned  under the Pontifical State and later it was included inside the Italy Kingdom  ; During the years it was hit by some of severe earthquakes. Only in 1926 was named Bastia Umbra to stand out from other places called  with the same name.

in Bastia Umbra There are numerous historical monuments and attractions:

Chiesa di Sant’Angelo : It is the most famous  and more old Church of the town it is characterized                 by a single nave with a gabled roof on three arches and is located within a castle.

Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Croce : it is located in Piazza Mazzini ant it built together with a convent in 1295. Host of this convent was Conrad of Offida, Franciscan preacher who died 'in Bastia in 1306 while he was announcing the Advent. Outside it presents a facade of colored stones of Mount Subasio . Inside it can admire many works of art including Altarpiece of Sant Angelo, Madonna and Child with Angels, Madonna and Child and St. Luke, Miracles of St. Anthony Abbot

Rocca Baglionesca : it is a fortified building with corner towers almost devoid of openings; Initially it was used for military functions and later  was used as a Benedictine Monastery.

Porta Sant’Angelo : it is the best of the five gates of the village and is it characterized by two lateral slits in which were stored the operating mechanisms of Drawbridge.

Il Ponte sul Chioscio : was designed by architect Galeazzo Alessi and was built at the point where the stream Tescio gives in the Chioscio river . The arches that sustain show  wonderful and numerous decorations

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Bastia Umbra

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