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Siena is the city located in the province of Tuscany, 70 km south of Florence. Recently, they have been competing with each other for which city is more charming and cultural, as well as more popular among tourists. This is a definite plus, as it simultaneously pushes the desire for development of both cities. Siena is a city that has retained its medieval architecture and carried it through the centuries. Locals carefully preserved Gothic style of the buildings, which was created by their ancestors back in the XII-XV centuries.

Siena has preserved ancient traditions also in art. The whole world knows the artists of the Sienese school, such as Pietro Lorenzetti, Duccio, Martino di Bartolomeo, Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Many of their works, mostly created during the Renaissance, can be seen in the temples and palaces of Siena, for example, in the Palazzo Pubblico, the Duomo, the Pinacoteca, and their works can also be found in the local art museums.

Siena is famous for its delicious sweets. The most common of these sweets is Sienese cake and almond cookies (Ricciarelli), as well as panpepato - a mixture of honey, pepper and almonds. Siena is the home to fine Italian wines, home-made, such as Chianti, Chianti Classico, Chianti Superiore, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and many others.

Tourist routes in the city originate from the Piazza del Campo. It is a wonderful square in the form of a shell, and two times a year it hosts Palio competitions. Once upon a time in the square there was a huge market, and now it features office buildings.

Every year on July 2 and August 16, the city holds a well-known celebration called the Palio. This is a competition between 17 Contrades. The contest includes horse races that take place on the square of Siena - Piazza del Campo. Competitors change every year. Contrada flags are hung on the building of the Palazzo Comunale. After the races there is a parade in Siena that lasts the whole night. The tradition of this celebration has been around since the Middle Ages. Tourists are very attracted to this show, so they come here twice a year, to see it with their own eyes.

Siena also has a lot of students because here is located one of the oldest universities in Europe. The entire school year here you can feel a fun student atmosphere, which gives the city a special liveliness.

The city often hosts various exhibitions and concerts, cultural events and theatrical performances. Here you can also learn some new sports that you have not tried before. The city has various sports clubs and training courses that will also provide you with special equipment. Tourists are unlikely to explore the whole city in just a few days, as many attractions that you want to visit will simply not let you leave.

In Siena there is a Cathedral, which was built back in the 13th century, in the place where once used to be a Roman Castrum. The cathedral was built in a special Roman-Gothic style. It is very notable for its beauty and majesty, and it is considered one of the most interesting churches in Tuscany.

Also very interesting is Basilica of St. Mary (la Basilica di Santa Maria de Servi), which was built in the Gothic style also in the 13th century)

In the center of Siena, you can move around only on foot. Any vehicles here are prohibited, with the exception of only police cars and taxis. This contributes to more comfortable walks around the city, and here you can enjoy the quiet beauty of this wonderful city, even when it is full of tourists.

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    Tuscany region is rich not only for unique rural landscape and wine cellars.


    It is in Tuscany where a huge number of medieval towns and villages found their location, and each is worth a stop. Just a bit more than an hour of drive from Florence - and you are in Siena - the city on 3 hills, surrounded by ramparts, which still protect the local traditions and culture. Siena has one of the most beautiful and unique squares in the world - Piazza del Campo. It is shaped like a sea shell and is divided into 9 segments. This square becomes a place for traditional Siena competition, called the Palio, among the seventeen Contrades (districts) of the city, is held twice a year - on July 2 and August 16. The competition is a horse racing. For residents of Siena Palio is an event prepared a year ahead, about which they talk and think with a sinking heart. During Palio Siena is visited by lots of tourists. But even in ordinary days Siena have something to attract tourists with! Siena is one of the most beautiful Tuscan towns. Luxury palaces, even life, narrow medieval streets, absence of major transport routes - that's the real Italy, the real Tuscany! Particularly noteworthy - Siena Cathedral - an architectural masterpiece with a Romanesque facade. The cathedral was built in the XII century - probably on the site of another church or cathedral, and a bell-tower was added in the XIII century. Currently, the cathedral is a museum. The most curious thing - it's a unique marble floor, on the plates which depict scenes related to Christianity and paganism, which was made by 40 masters.
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