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Montis Catini Terme

This beautiful town with an ancient culture is one of the most famous resorts in the whole of Italy. Montis Catini Terme is located very conveniently for travelers who prefer different kinds of holidays. From the city you can quickly get to ski resorts or enjoy a wonderful time on the beach, experiencing all the charm of the azure sea, caressing sun and clean sandy beaches.

The city is famous for its restaurants and amazing cuisine that will impress even the pickiest people. Here, you should definitely try a dessert called Sialde: it looks like two small thin wafers with a soft layer in the middle made ​​of almonds. Especially popular in Montecatini Terme is local ice cream, which tourists love for its unique taste and texture. Many bars here offer a refreshing cocktail or a light appetizer before a meal. Delicious drinks are also served at the hot springs of Tettuchio and various city cafes.

In the city you will find the square of Montecatini Alto. It is widely known for its beauty and majesty. Strolling through the square you can fully experience the spirit of the city.

All the hotels in Montecatini Terme offer excellent amenities to its guests, and highly qualified staff will do everything to make sure your holiday is full of joy and comfort and is memorable. If you use the service of early booking, your hotel accommodations can be a lot cheaper and it will make it possible or you to stay in a luxury hotel at an affordable price. The resort also offers apartments and hostels that offer visitors decent accommodations at affordable prices.

Many tourists come to Montecatini Terme with a goal to improve their health. The city is famous for its mineral healing water which is great for treating issues of the digestive system, respiratory system, and the nervous system. Montecatini Terme features 8 thermal springs with the temperature of about 34 degrees Celsius. Water from five springs is used mainly for drinking, and the other three are used for mud treatments and mineral baths.

These thermal springs are great for people who have some problems with digesting food, the bone system, impaired metabolic processes or respiratory diseases.

Montecatini Terme is known for its "Grochcho Institute." It is a city center, which is open for visitors year round. In the center you can take a course of rehabilitation, massage, physiotherapy, gymnastics, and much more. All procedures are supervised by a doctor, so you do not have to worry and just relax and enjoy your treatments. The center also has a solarium for fans of sunbathing.

Montecatini Terme also offers for tourists a bathing center "Excelsior", which features a gallery of saunas, a fountain, thermal pools, and the newest equipment for procedures and treatments to rejuvenate the body.

This city was very liked by Giuseppe Verdi, which is why in 1930 the "Teatro Verdi" was opened here where the famous "Aida" was performed for the very first time.

A certain part of the city that is called Montecatini Alto, is especially known for its church of Carmine, with an altar board of the 15th century. Here you will also find a medieval fortress, which still retains a flavor of ancient times. This area is famous for its beautiful landscapes that nature has created on top of a high hill.

In Montecatini Terme there is Verdi Street, on which you will find a beautiful park, a building of the town hall and a tourist information center. Many constructions in the vicinity of the park are made in the Art Nouveau style.

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Montis Catini Terme

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