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Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme is an important town situated between Florence and Rome, famous for its spas. The mineral waters have a very effective therapeutic effect. The Terme Di Chianciano are known for the five sources of mineral waters:

Acquasanta is located in a beautiful park, the water flows to 33 degrees, you have to drink in the morning on an empty stomach for at least 12 days, according to doctor's prescriptions. Cures diseases of liver and biliary tract. Helps with digestion and elimination of toxins.

Acqua Santissima: is used for inhalations and aerosol therapy, has an expectorant action and sedative. Treating rhinitis, tracheitis, sinus infections, bronchitis, laryngitis. Has a calcium alkaline bicarbonatosolfato composition carbon earthy.

Acqua Fucoli : It's a cold mineral water, drink in the afternoon after digestion. Has an expectorant action on gastroduodenal mucosa.

Acqua Sillene: 38.5 degrees to gushes. It is used to make toning baths and for preparing the therapeutic MUDs that are heated at 48 degrees. Ideal for reactivating the circulation.

Acqua Saint Helena: is a diuretic water suitable for kidney stones, urinary tract diseases. Purifies the organism, facilitates digestion. Can be drunk at room temperature, cold, warm nature or warm in the morning on an empty stomach.

Chianciano is a beautiful town. In your free time you can make walks in the Centre or excursions to nearby locations. It is the ideal place for those who love quiet places. However, there are many clubs, discos, where you can dance, listen to music and have fun.

In Chianciano there are many restaurants where you can taste typical dishes and drink good wine, excellent quality and reasonable prices.

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Chianciano Terme

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