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Taormina Beach

Taormina Beach  - very picturesque, beautiful place located in Sicily. This city is located in a special area where a lot of wondrous nature and the sea simply amazes with its beauty and tranquility. There are rarely waves, and even if there are, then small and not dangerous.

The city impresses with its wonderful architecture. Here you will find plenty of attractions, various abandoned buildings, beautiful castles as untouched since their inception. Also particularly interesting is small abandoned construction of an amphitheater, probably in ancient times were the theaters or places for certain meetings, the architecture of these buildings is very interesting and unusual. Basically preserved buildings here belong to the Middle Ages, but among them there are representatives of both the earlier and later periods.

In the city you will find wonderful gardens and parks, where there are the most unusual plants, flowers and trees. The city is literally full of bright colors, because the flora is represented particularly diverse. Beachfront majestic palm trees, and around the city grow the unique beauty of flowers, gathered in the beds and greenhouses.

Wonderful beaches of Taormina with beautiful blue water in the sea, so pure, that you can see the smallest details through it, even at great depths. The sand is very soft and pleasant; umbrellas and deck chairs are placed here for more comfortable leisure of travelers. On the beaches you can find small bars where you can order yourself some goodies or a refreshing drink. Along the coast, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports or just a ride on a yacht in the open sea.

In Taormina Beach you will meet many beautiful luxury hotels. It is impossible not to choose a hotel for the soul, because a lot of them here, and they are all different from each other in style and design. Each hotel offers lovely and comfortable, cozy rooms with sea views, delicious cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a variety of themed parties in the evenings, swimming pools, gyms, bowling and billiards, spa and much more, only for you to interesting and useful spent here during his vacation. It's great to be enjoyed in the local restaurants of Taormina Beach. You might be fond of ordering a pizza, but the seafood is good too, or rather especially good. Dishes with "nautical theme" are always in demand, because what you try here, you will not try anywhere else. Here seafood is prepared in different variations and different ways of cooking. Secrets of cooking are passed through generations of cooks, and that creates a special cuisine of this region.

In Taormina Beach holds festivals and holidays. In the summer such events occur quite often. During the festival, the city is filled with people, an atmosphere of fun and joy is everywhere, people greet and congratulate each other, and in the evenings you can hear wonderful songs.

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Taormina Beach

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