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Portorosa is very beautiful, luxurious resort, which is located on the shore of the island of Sicily nearby to other well-known tourist destination. Portorosa pleases tourists with  beautiful scenic views that are literally everywhere.  The city is located on a hilly ground, which makes it possible to look at it from a low altitude. The hill offers a wonderful panorama of the sea,the beach,the hotels and the trendy shops.

Nature in Portorosa is very interesting and various. Here you will find thousands of different species of plants, from the colorful bright flowers and shrubs, to the majestic trees, fertile, and even palm trees.

The city has many interesting attractions, temples, churches, castles and others. All of them are pleased with its interesting architectural design, beautiful facades, rich decoration inside. Many of them are in the style of the Middle Ages, but there is a building erected by the mixture of two or more styles of earlier or later periods. Despite of the fact that in the city there are various beautiful representatives of the architectural heritage, the most interesting here is the abundance of luxury hotels. Here  even the most capricious tourist will find accommodation, because hotels offer so good and comfortable, that they simply can not remain dissatisfied. Each hotel offers several floors of spacious, comfortable apartments with wonderful views of the sea. All rooms are equipped with the necessary things. The restaurants in the hotels will delight you with elegant dishes prepared by professionals on special recipes. Here you will be served culinary delights of the local cuisine because Sicilian cuisine is famous all over the world.

Beaches in Portorosa are especially beautiful and well maintained, here you will be surprised to find some of the best beaches in the whole of Sicily. They are equipped with elegant sun beds and umbrellas, so you do not have to worry about where to hide from the sun, however,  the sun's rays in these parts are so soft and gentle, that it is hardly possible to be burnt. Sea in Portorosa deserves special attention, its wonderful azure water is so clear and pure that swim in it is a pleasure. The water temperature is always comfortable to the body, so you have an opportunity to especially enjoy swimming in these waters. On the beaches Portrosa you will find an opportunity for windsurfing and kite surfing, as well as diving. A journey into the fascinating world of the marine it will not forgotten for a long time, since a variety of representations of flora and fauna are just fascinated gaze. The beaches also offer vacationers the opportunity to go on a yacht in the open sea. Here, among the beautiful blue waves, playing sunny sparks on a clear day, you can immerse yourself in your own thoughts and great place to relax as the soul and body.

I would also like to mention the great restaurants of the city. Here a lot of them and they different in design and decor. Portrose has  quiet cozy establishments as well as restaurants with cheerful music, dancing every evening and interesting shows.

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