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Gioiosa Marea

Gioiosa Marea is a beautiful city located on the island of Sicily. This resort is a favorite place for both Italian tourists and citizens from Europe, Russia and many others. The city attracts by its amazing architecture, here you'll meet wonderful combinations of styles of different eras. Many attractions are preserved from ancient temples and palaces, they are admired by its grandeur and mystery. Of the ancient temples of the city are preserved antique illustrations and sculptures. Also interesting monuments that remind us of the past  Middle Ages.  Not all medieval structures are preserved: some were destroyed during the war, some designs have withstand the course of time, that is why many of them have been restored and renovated.

Nature in the city is magic. Here you will meet, oddly enough, the flora of different climatic zones  due to an interesting geographical location. Gioiosa - Marea has a lot of amazing flowers of various shapes and colors, they create in a distinctive flavor and atmosphere romantic and joyful life. Air Gioiosa - Marea is considered curative, there is the combination of sea breeze and the air of mountain ranges. The city is located on a hilly ground, climbing on one of the hills you can enjoy the view of the beautiful coast, wonderful nature and luxury hotels.

In the city you will find a wide variety of hotels, but all of them will have their distinguishing features - a high level of service. Staff in these hotels is very responsive and attentive to the wishes of guests, here you will find all conditions for comfortable living and recreation with friends or family. Hotel rooms are very spacious and bright, you will find all the necessary equipment. Restaurants in hotels will delight your guests with delicious Sicilian cuisine and fine wines. The rooms have an additional service - dishes and drinks delivery. For example, in the morning, getting out of bed, you can enjoy a cup of coffee see the morning newspaper or watch any interesting story. Each hotel provides a very comfortable environment and are doing everything possible to diversify the leisure of the travellers. Here you have an opportunity to try out various kind of sports, play, for example, billiards or bowling,  run on the track in the gym or do yoga. After entertaining workouts to relax and rejuvenate, massages and spa treatments are offering, using a variety of therapeutic mud and mineral waters. Each hotel has a large beautiful pool, which is always kept at a constant, pleasant body temperature.

All hotels on the beach have their own fenced territory. It is very nice because the whole beach is cleaned, maintained in the purity and accuracy. The beaches are equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs, some hotels equipped beach in bright colors, which gives them a festive look. Beaches in the city have both pebble and sand, so you can choose what you prefer, but the water in the sea is on all the beaches the same - clean and clear.

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Gioiosa Marea

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