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Giardini Naxos

One of the most attractive resorts of Sicily is considered be Giardini Naxos. The residents of the city have always been very careful with the heritage of their ancestors, which is why the city has been preserved in a very attractive way.

The city's proximity to Taormina has a definite mark on the development of the city. This resort is usually chosen by families and groups of friends who love active vacations, sports, cycling and water sports. A city is famous for excellent environment for vacations and beautiful sights.

The city offers a lot of beautiful luxury hotels. All of them are very high-level, have fully equipped rooms, professional staff and excellent amenities for a comfortable stay. Hotels also feature additional services such as spa treatments, fitness centers, playgrounds, billiards, bowling and much more.

The city also has small family hotels that only have a few rooms and are ideal for large companies of friends and families. These small hotels are particularly cozy and welcoming and feature delicious home cooking and wonderful decor.

The city has plenty of restaurants and bars. They all offer visitors amazing dishes, the most common of which are dishes of the local Sicilian cuisine. Here people often order pasta and pizza, as well as a variety of salads, most delicious desserts, fruit cakes and fine wine. In the evenings, restaurants feature interesting show programs with live music and performances by artists. Nightclubs also offer lots of entertainment, so you will never be bored in this town. Also, tourists love Giardini Naxos for great shopping. Here you will find many brand shops where you can buy high quality original branded items at affordable prices.

Giardini Naxos is also known for its beautiful landmarks. For example, on Scizo cape you will find the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, which contains wonderful collections of different findings which were discovered during excavations. All the items represented in the museum, like a mosaic, build a specific picture of the past, which, like a novel reveal to us interesting moments in history. Fans of various antiquities will also find it interesting to visit excavation sights themselves and see how these valuable findings are produced.

Very popular among tourists is the amazing Mount Etna, which is the largest volcano in Europe. Despite the fact that the volcano is very high (its height is 3340 meters), by car you can get to its very top, which is a very exciting adventure. From the top of the volcano there is a magnificent view that takes your breath away with its beauty and grandeur.

Giardini Naxos in general is a wonderful resort that fascinates tourists with its wonderful panoramic views, comfortable amenities for vacations and a wonderful atmosphere of hospitality and joy. Separately, we would also like to mention the great beaches of the city. Giardini Naxos beaches are equipped with everything you need. Here you will find luxury sun loungers and parasols and bars where you can order any soft drink or a bite to eat. You can also try a variety of water sports: kitesurfing, diving, etc.

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Giardini Naxos

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