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Sardegna is the Italian island that more surprises all its visitors, thanks to its contrasts and colors, ancient traditions, its wildlife. It’s positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with a predominantly mountainous aspect, but without the high peaks, Sardegna offers  to the visitor a unique environment. Most part of the land remained untouched, wild horses and other animals live now  in free conditions.

The sea here is amazingly beautiful. Costa Smeralda with its jewel Porto Cervo  is reputed as best-equipped tourist harbor of all the Mediterranean. Then Porto Rotondo also known as a prestigious resort destination, with private houses and comfortable hotels surrounded by magnificent nature.

Among the wonders of Sardinia, few words must to be dedicated to the complex of Nuraghi:  stone towers scattered throughout the territory of Sardegna, unique historical monuments testifying on the part of the mysterious ancient culture.  Among the several complex, we must suggest Barumini  recognized as  part of UNESCO World Heritage, the only one in Sardegna territory.

Sardegna counts several districts, but the main cities are 2: Olbia in the north and Cagliari in the south, important for having both airport and harbor. To name also Nuoro, Oristano and Sassari.

Other famous little cities preferred by tourist are Santa Teresa di Gallura, Poltu Qualtu,  Baia Sardinia, Palau, Stintino, Villasimius, Santa Margherita di Pula are just few of the countless inimitably beautiful sea resorts that ask for a short visit.

One of the most beautiful spots of Sardinia is definitely the Maddalena Archipelago with so-called "seven sisters", tourists can stroll on a boat sailing along La Maddalena, admiring its coast, visiting all the sandy or rocky beach and diving in the blue sea  discovering also the rich marine life.

Caprera, the second biggest island after Maddalena, is today a cultural destination thanks to the presence of the house-museum where lived Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian patriot, general and politician). Here on the island there are his grave together with those of his family.

From Caprera to the Strait of Bonifacio, striking beauty of the wild and uninhabited island of Budelli, with its beautiful pink sand beaches, magnificent creation of nature owe their color to certain types of coral and shells.

Numerous caves and coves are interesting sites for visitors, most of them are reachable only by sea other also by long promenade.  Among them, we suggest Cala Biriola, Grotta del Bue Marino , Cala Liberotto and Cala Goloritzè,- these are just some of the natural scenery timeless.

Sardegna is not only Sea, Beaches and Sun. The island offers also a real culinary heritage made up of Bread, Meat, Fish,  Cheese , Dessert and Wine. Some names to remember if you will have a  dinner or a lunch in a typical restaurant: Carasau, the local bread that you find only here in Sardegna; Malloreddus a homemade pasta ideal with tomato sauce; Porceddu, pork meat cooked on a spit and a big variety of fresh local fish cooked in several ways; Seadas, the typical dessert with cheese and honey.

What about wines? Well do not forget to drink the Cannonau during meals and at the end a sip of Mirto.

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Distances between main cities

Cagliari Alghero Olbia Oristano Porto Cervo Porto Rotondo Santa Margherita di Pula Santa Teresa Gallura Villasimius
Cagliari 250 274 95 304 292 45 301 57
Alghero 136 156 164 152 189 136 300
Olbia 182 28 15 316 60 265
Oristano 210 182 135 208 146
Porto Cervo 25 332 46 290
Porto Rotondo 290 56 278
Santa Margherita di Pula 337 106
Santa Teresa Gallura 322
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