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Ostuni in a really pretty village situated in the South of Italy, rightly in the region of Puglia nearby Brindisi on the Adriatic sea. It’s considered the top among the panoramic resorts in Italy:  from each houses, each windows, each buildings you can admire a  wonderful, breathtaking panoramic view without equal. The other characteristic of the city is the color of buildings, all rigorously  white. The city in fact is called also the White city, all its old town city center (called “La Terra”) was painted with white lime in 1600 as remedy to the plag of pest that interested that area.

From years and years, Ostuni received from the Italian authorities the identification to be one of the Italian location with the cleanest  beaches and  sea-waters , making of Ostuni the city with the best sea of whole Italy, the best beaches that extend themselves on 17 km of coast, are  Villanova famous for its nice harbor and Rosa Marina with  its white and fine sand.

Its first origins came from Paleolithic age,  passing under the Roman Empire, and having several occupation from different invaders as the Bizantini , Longobardi, Saraceni, Normanni till the Aragonesi.

Thanks to them, Ostuni found its period of main growth, economic and cultural, and the city knew it major urbanistic development. After the Second World War, Ostuni has become the city that you can visit nowadays, with an important role in the tourist scenery, a wonderful trip around ancient olive trees, unique and typical  “masserie,” ruins of caves and wonderful beaches.

Worth to a stop is the ancient Cathedral, erected by Ferdinando D’Aragona, a wonderful example of Gothic building with a majestic  rose window, one of the biggest all around the world. From here, get a pleasant promenade to Piazza della Libertà, heart of the city, where you can taste the delicacies of the cuisine of Puglia.

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