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Gargano – a sub-region of Italy located in the region of Apulia (Puglia) in the Province of Foggia. It is also called Monte-Gargano because of the mountain range extending 70 kilometers into the Adriatic Sea. Gargan peninsula is formed by a few isolated peaks. The highest point of Gargano is Monte Calvo - 1065 m. above the sea.

Gorges and cliffs of Gargano produce an irresistible impression by its pristine nature. Most popular among tourists are the coastal towns of Rodi Garganico, Peschici, Manfredonia and Vieste.

The eastern part is occupied by hilly beech and oak forest - Foresta Umbra, covering an area of more than ten thousand square meters. The forest is very rich of flora and fauna. It is a home for deer, foxes, roedeer, various species of woodpeckers and squirrels. It also has more than 56 species of orchids, and the average age of trees exceeds 500 years.

The largest salt lakes Varano and Lesina are located in the north. These lakes are more correctly to be called a lagoon.

Lake Lesina is parallel to the coast and has an elongated shape. On the strip of land which separates the lake from the sea Lezina is the famous resort Marina di Lesina. With a length of 22 kilometers and a width of 2-3 km, the lake has a depth of 11 meters.

Lake Varano - the largest coastal lake in Italy. It covers an area of 60 kilometers. As the lake Lesina, Varano separates the sea from a strip of land covered with vegetation species such as eucalyptus, pine and others.

Gargano Peninsula attracts tourists from all over the world. In the area of Monte Monte Sant'Angelo is the oldest pilgrimage church of the Archangel Michael, carved into a rocky grotto. According to legend, the archangel Michael, came down to vision of believers in three consecutive years, from 490 to 493.

Near the resort of Peschici is Abbey of Santa Maria di Galen. Travelers primarily come here to visit Peschici to explore the ancient castle. Worth visiting also surroundings of the city with its archeological sites, as well as the historic city center. Houses are constructed on a cliff with spectacular sea views. You can also visit the charming St. Michael's Church. On the way to Rodi Garganico you can observe a magnificent tower of Monte Puci.

Vieste resort attracts tourists with its unique coastline, formed by multiple arches and grottos. Walking through the historic center, you can see the special constructions for fishing, called Trabucco. There’s also the cathedral, the Swabian castle and the so-called "bitter stone" (Chianca Amara) located at the place where the Saracen massacre was accomplished in 1554. Not far from the center, the necropolis La Salata dating III - IV century.

The archipelago of the Tremiti is placed at 19 kilometers from the coast of Gargano. The archipelago consists of three islands, and their scenery is breathtaking: Capraia, San Domino and San Nicola. The islands are decorated with coves and caves. In the center of the archipelago there are two rocks: La Vecchia and Cretaccio. The largest island is San Domino. It is surrounded by coastal caves.

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