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The port city of Bari is the capital of Apulia region (Puglia), located in the heel of the boot of Italy peninsula. It has an enchanting atmosphere of medieval European cities. A range of attractions in the city attracts tourists from all over the world. The city gained its popularity because of the remains of St. Nicholas, attracting pilgrims from all over the world all year round.

Port of Bari is considered the largest civil port on the Adriatic Sea.

In 1087-1197, a basilica in Romanesque style was built in the city center to store the relics of St. Nicholas. There are three naves inside the Basilica, whose vaults are decorated with amazing frescoes of the seventeenth century. In the crypt, two staircases lead to the relics of St. Nicholas. They are placed here for already 900 years.

The city consists of two historic parts: the old town (Bari Vecchia) and a new one (Bari Murattiana). The old town preserved ancient medieval layout with meandering streets and houses no higher than two floors. Numerous sights, including 29 churches, palaces and basil are at almost every step.

New city began its development after 1820 and features straight streets, magnificent gardens and idealy shaped squares. There are 2 theaters, many beautiful squares with unmatched fountains, library and art gallery. We also suggest visiting the History Museum (Museo Storico Civico) and the Art Gallery of the province of Bari (Pinacoteca Provinciale).

Among the sights of the old town stand out the Cathedral of St. San Sabino (Cattedrale di San Sabino) and Norman castle. The castle is located in the old town and is characterized by a stone bridge that leads to the castle, bastions and towers quads. This castle was built for the defense of the Byzantines from Apulia Saracens in 916. After partial destruction, the castle was restored and enlarged by the Emperor Frederick II. At present time the castle is considered an architectural and historical value of Puglia.

Cathedral of San Sabino (Cattedrale di San Sabino) was built in 1178 in apulian-romanesque style. This cathedral is very famous for the fact that in the crypt of the cathedral keeps the relics of the Blessed Virgin "Hodegetria". Also the remains of Saint Savin and Sainte-Colombe are placed here as well. The cathedral was built at the order of Archbishop Rainaldo.

Another interesting place is Petruzzelli Theatre (Teatro Petruzzelli), which was built by the request of residents. It is the largest private theater in Italy and the fourth largest in Europe. Construction of the theater began in 1898, and was open already in 1903. In 1991, the theater was almost completely destroyed by fire. Its reconstruction ended in 2008. The theater offers concerts, ballets, and classic music performances. Among the international celebrities who performed here we can mention the world stars such as Luciano Pavarotti, Rudolf Nureyev, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra.

Another major attraction is the Art Museum of the province of Bari (Pinacoteca provinciale), established in 1928. The museum contains works from the ninth to the twentieth century AD, collected in various galleries and museums, monasteries and churches. Here you can see the work and Corrado Giaquinto (- an Italian painter of the Rococo.

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