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Small Italian town of Alberobello is located in a picturesque place in the region of Puglia, Province of Bari. Alberobello gained fame due to the amazing buildings - Trulli. Translated from the Greek it means “dome”.
Trulli - original buildings constructed during the second half of the XVII century by peasants. It's not just small houses, but are structures of cylindrical shape with a roof in the shape of a cone. The foundation consists of stones laid out in a certain sequence. The huts were built in such a way for a specific reason: the lower strata of the population could avoid paying property taxes.

In the distant past Alberobello was ruled by Count Acquaviva, but not all areas were under his influence, the Kingdom of Naples imposed taxes on its vassals, but Aragonese ruler skillfully taught the population how to avoid them.

The idea was to disassemble these cylindrical trulli as soon as deadlines for tax collection approached. It was easy to accomplish that, as they were built without reinforcing matrix. In case of danger, it was enough to pull just one stone to ruin house.
Each house owner, in peaceful periods, tryed to decorate the trulli domes with some interesting patterns. Currently, you can see the roofs with bizarre characters, the most popular among the masters were the signs of zodiac. They were painted in white lime, as this color was associated with absolution from evil spirits, but also with a great luck. The only source of sunlight was the entrance to the hut.

Gradually, locals were tired of assembling and disassembling their homes, and in 1797 the town of Alberobello was granted freedom. To date, the trulli are protected by UNESCO.

The largest trullo is believed to be «Sovrano Trullo». The old and beautiful building serves as a museum containing the flavor of those times.

Many travelers call Alberobello a fabulous town. The atmosphere is hard to be shaped in words, unique medieval buildings are best seen with own eyes.

Being in Alberobello make sure to visit the summer jazz festivals and poetry readings. Live music, beautiful scenery, quiet evenings, fine local cuisine. Do not forget to try the famous black truffles, and your heart will always be with this little town.

Locals  are friendly and with inimitable sense of humor, especially they like to joke about their favorite white trulli. Some trulli were turned into shopd, bars and hotels by some resourceful citizens. In total there are about 20 thousand trulli in Alberobello, while the total population here is 11 thousand people.

Trulli are dispersed across entire territory of Alberobello, but most of them are concentrated in two blocks - Rione Monti and Aia Piccola, therefore, if the purpose of your trip is seeing "white houses", you would certainly enjoy these streets. Climbing to the top of the dome gives opportunity to observe incomparable panorama of the entire city. You can reach Alberobello from Bari by public transport, it should take about an hour and half.

Researchers of ancient history noticed a connection between conical roofs of trulli and ancient Greek funerary structures, and the truth is, if you carefully examine the history it becomes clear that for a long time the territory of Alberobello was a colony.

Alberobello is aatractive to tourists regardless of the season, but it is best to visit this amazingly beautiful place in the summer. White trulli with mystical figures will make a lasting impression on you.

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