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Nichelino  is an Italian commune with 48,942 inhabitants in the province of Turin in the Piemonte region. The river Sangone flows the right bank of the city, just before its confluence with the River Po. The city is the fifth most populated in the province, and the ninth in the region.

Among the most likely hypotheses concerning the origin of the name of the city Nichelino is a version of one of the greatest scientists of the toponymy of the Piedmont region, Dante Olivieri, claiming that the name of the city can be a diminutive of the name Nicola  or Nicholas. In those times was quite common to call the areas with the names of noble families.

The nineteenth century was a key of the history of Italy, as well as for the city of Nichelino. During this period, there have been important political, social and economical changes. The city has built two schools, a new parish church and the new municipality, designed by architect Amedeo Peyron. Having been improved roads and a railway station it was built at Cator July 27, 1854 the first train travelled. At that time, the city had 1,700 residents. Due to mass immigration from the southern Italian regions population has increased significantly.

Among the places of interest of the city stands the charming  Palazzina di Caccia Palace di Stupinigi  which has historical, artistic and cultural interest. The Palace is an impressive work of remarkable architect Filippo Juvarra, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace belonged to the Reign of Savoy. In this palace different structures of the buildings are connected by lovely galleries. The total area of ​​the palace is 31 thousand square meters. Inside the palace there are 17 galleries and 137 rooms. Here are exposed the brilliant works of Venetian artists Domenico and Giuseppe Valeriane, Gaetano Perego  and the Viennese artist Christian Vehrleyna.

Another attraction is the palace of the Municipality developed by Amedeo Peyron. Near the railway cross is located castle Occelli, which was the residence of the family Occelli. Inside there is a chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie, the first church of Nichelino city during  the thirteenth century, the former coaches hall, swimming pool, patio and centuries-old park with a total area of ​​35 000 square meters.

In addition to the magnificent park Occelli city Nichelino offers extensive green space park  such as Colonnetti, Piedmont Park, Miraflores Park  that are the largest park of Nichelino and then  small parks next to the memorial cemetery and parks Sangone  and Waller.

We also offer to visit the parish church of the Holy Trinity in the Baroque style, at the corner of Via Stupinigi  square.

For more than thirty years there was no cinema in the city of Nichelino.  Superga cinema was closed in the late seventies as a consequence of safety regulations imposed after the dramatic fire in the theater of the city of Turin. The building was renovated, extended and converted into a theater and later received the name of Teatro Superga.

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