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Tremezzo - it is a beautiful town located on the coast. It has long been known for its Tremezzo scenic views, rich nature and soft warm klimatom.Zdeshnie sights amaze with its mystery and ancient history.

Each building is fraught with magic legend, there will be very interesting to go on a guided tour to listen, how to build a city, its history, the description of the raids of the nomadic tribes, the change of eras, one after another, as well as myths and legends, which have accumulated a whole lot of all the time that there was a city. The best thing here is to walk on foot, so as not to miss any interesting place, especially as the comfort and cuteness local streets only delight you and you do not even feel tired legs from a long distance. Those who still wants to ride, we recommend you use the bike, the more that they are granted free access to the city. In park areas there are even specially designated lanes and paths for cyclists.

In Tremezzo there are many luxury hotels. A feature of each of them is the presence of a beautiful spacious apartment with great views of the sea and the beautiful nature of the city. Hotels cheerfully greeted their guests, here is welcoming every visitor, staff representatives, carefully equip his room every day keeping it clean and tidy. In local hotels very tasty food, so you do not even have to go to city restaurants, but it is strongly recommended that you visit at least one of them to taste the wonderful national cuisine. They are the pride of local chefs. Delicious pizza, pasta with various sauces and adding different fillings, ravioli, meat and seafood, delicious desserts, and of course, last but not least, excellent wines, which are made here local winemakers. The wine is famous in the city and beyond for its spicy flavor and unusual healing properties. Since grape skin is famous for its myriad of antioxidants that are known to prolong life, rejuvenate and have a common healing effect, the house wine Tremezzo considered "the elixir of youth."

Tremezzo is known for its beautiful beaches, with a wonderful white sand, azure gentle sea and gentle, not the scorching sun. The entire beach are located all the cabins for guests: room for changing clothes, showers, toilets. The entire length of the beach is filled with umbrellas and deck chairs for comfortable spending time on the beach, and along the coast are bars where tourists can, sitting around the bar, enjoy a fruit cocktail or other refreshing drink. Also on the beach you can eat a variety of snacks and even pizza.

Tremezzo offers its leisure yacht rental, scooters and surfboards. Try to go anywhere, because, certainly, then will not regret it. The yacht will be to get out into the open sea and enjoy the peace and quiet, listening to the noise of waves and think about how beautiful and colorful your life, and here you can dive to the sea floor, and with my own eyes to see marine life living here among the wonderful diversity of marine life. You should definitely ride on kites, learn to balance in the wind, and the waves of the sea to catch the movement and feel the spirit of happiness and freedom.

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