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Genoa (Genova) is the capital of a province with the same name, which is located in the region of Liguria. The whole history of the city is inextricably linked to maritime trade and seafaring. The harbor in Genoa has always been one of the most important not only in Italy but the whole of Europe. One of the most interesting places in the city is considered to be a lighthouse, which was called "La Lanterna".

Genoa is also a center of heavy industry and shipbuilding. It is part of the industrial triangle of Italy, which also includes Milan and Turin. Today, Genoa is a city of universities and it’s a scientific center of the country. In 2004 Genoa was named the European Capital of Culture.

In 1574, there the first "Corporation of pasta makers" was established. The cuisine of Genoa is known throughout Italy and abroad. In any restaurant in the city you can sample a whole range of tastes of the amazing Genoese cuisine. We recommend that you try the local sauce Pesto alla Genovese, as well as "Foccacio al olio d’oliva" and the amazing "La sima alla Genovese" – these wonderful culinary masterpieces will not leave you indifferent. Also you should try seafood dishes, which are presented here in the best possible way.

Genoa is a great place for shopping. The city has many branded boutiques, large outlets, antique shops and fresh produce shops.

On the street Via XX Settembre, which is considered a "fashionable" street of the city, you will find boutiques of many well-known companies such as Mexx, Zara, Benetton and others. At the main train station there is a large shopping center Fiumara, and you can get there by train. You will need more than a couple of hours to see all the stores, so ladies can easily leave their children and husbands in a bowling club or a restaurant, which are located not far from the complex.

It is believed that the first thing to see in Genoa is the sea and the beautiful old port, which is especially wonderful during sunset. Well, the next thing that is certainly worth a visit is the old town which still has a marvelous atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

In the old port you will find the Palazzo San Giorgio. This wonderful palace was built in the 13th century. It embodies the spirit of that time and amazes with its beauty. In the center of the city there is also the Piazza Bianchi, which has always been a commercial center of the city.

Along the street of San Luca, you can get to the Palazzo Spinola di Pellicceria. Here you will find the National Gallery of Liguria. Its interior walls are done in the baroque style, and inside the building you can see fine furniture and ceramics of Albisola. Also interesting is the "gallery of mirrors", especially to tourists.

In Genoa there are many hotels that are presented in a wide variety. Local hotels will welcome you with sincerity and warmth typical for local residents. The hotels are equipped with all necessary amenities, and their restaurants will delight their guests with marvelous dishes and delicacies, as well as wonderful desserts. Hotels feature fitness centers, playgrounds for children, spa and beauty salons, billiards, bowling and much more. Friendly teams of professionals in every hotel will help make your stay fun and memorable.

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Apt Genoa / Hotel city-Port62,0076,00
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Malpensa apt OR Bergamo apt / Genoa centre - Port392,00504,00
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 Night supplement for transfers (from 20:00 to 07:00) + 20%
Genoa H/D 3 hours with Russian / English speaking guide € 146,00 – F/D 7 hours € 235,00
Supplement: night / Sunday / festivity + 20%
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