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Fiuggi is a health resort in Italy which is known worldwide for its mineral waters and first class treatments for people who want to improve their health. The city is environmentally friendly and it is an example for many other cities in that regard. Fiuggi is located in the province of Lazio, about 70 km from Rome. The city is famous for its palaces, where once lived the Roman nobility and the family of the Pope. Fiuggi rises 747 kilometers above sea level, and the nature here will delight you with oak forests, famous olive groves, perennial vines and blooming gardens.

The city is still known for its squares designed in the spirit of the Middle Ages and its small streets that add special charm and style to it.

Fiuggi is a favorite place for the secular elite both from Italy and abroad. Here, you will be calm and peaceful. Top class hotels will welcome you with special hospitality. There are also plenty of entertainment venues: bars, discos, restaurants and shops that will delight you with affordable and enjoyable shopping experience. Fiuggi has a lot of museums, which contain cultural artifacts, historical monuments, and works of art. Also many monasteries and abbeys have been well preserved there. Not far from Fiuggi there are famous beaches where you can relax in the company of friends and family.

For many centuries now mineral water of Fiuggi has been famous for its miraculous properties. Michelangelo once called it the "water that breaks stones," and in fact, it is known for its ability to treat many kidney related diseases as well as get rid of kidney stones.

Fiuggi mineral water has a high content of potassium, magnesium and other minerals. It works locally, does not harm the skeletal system and is a very powerful healing potion that has been used for many centuries to treat urological diseases. Only after starting a treatment with mineral water, you will immediately feel the changes in your body for the better: improved digestion and functioning of internal organs, the nervous system, purified blood and lymph, improved complexion and in general a rejuvenated body.

While vacationing in Fiuggi, you can visit the Mediterranean Sea with its amazing beaches, swim in wonderful, crystal clear water, relax in the mountains and enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful views, as well as visit the many museums, architectural structures and other historical landmarks.

Not far from Fiuggi there are ski resorts where you can have a fun time that will also benefit your health.

In the city of Fiuggi there is a thermal complex, it is located in the green zone, in the valley of chestnuts, pine and oak trees. The complex consists of two centers: the first one “Boniface VIII”, and the second “Antikolan.” The centers have unique sources of thermal water.

The source of “Boniface VIII” was used by locals since ancient times, and the park around the source was built in the beginning of the last century, and in the middle of the last century it was renovated and upgraded. You can book a course of treatment here throughout the year, and the complex can accommodate 25,000 people. Here you will find special fountains with drinking mineral water, hot and cold. It is consumed according to a prescription from your doctor. For convenience, the park is equipped with and escalator and an elevator.

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