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Rimini is a very popular city of the Adriatic coast. One of the main attractions of Rimini is Arch of Augustus and Tiberius Bridge. They were built by Emperors Augustus and Hadrian during their reign. After the fall of the Roman Empire Rimini was undergoing a period of decline, and only by the end of the VIII century, when Malatesta family came to power, the city began to grow again.

First Rimini became famous when the first Privileged beach was opened. At that time all the Italian elite gathered there. As the years passed and the coast of Rimini became cluttered with various luxurious villas, and in 1907 "Grand Hotel" was opened. By '70 of the last century the coast of Rimini has already been filled with luxury hotels.

Rimini is the birthplace of the famous director Federico Fellini, this is where he spent his childhood and youth, as well as the end of his life. The best he described the features of his home in his legendary film "Amarcord".

Tourists come to Rimini for a range of leisure, depending on the time of the year. Summer is undoubtedly a season of beach-related rest. Autumn fairs with products specific to Italy are held here: young wine, truffles, olive oil, cheeses. In winter tourists come to Rimini for shopping, during holidays there are big discounts in malls, so in winter people come here from all over the world.

Rimini is famous for its tourist attractions. Temple-mausoleum Tempio Malestiano is an example of Franciscan Gothic of XIII century. Today, you can see in the temple artwork of Giotto "Crucifixion".

The most visited place in Rimini is Arch of Augustus, which is the oldest arch in Italy. Gambalunga Library is another attraction of Rimini, it contains ancient books and ancient manuscripts that tourists can contemplate during excursion in the library.

Renaissance masterpiece is the Malatesta Temple, built in 1450. Temple is interesting for its unique architecture and works of prominent artists.

Rimini attracts tourists for its exquisite cuisine. Coming here, you can enjoy the real parmesan, prosciutto, mortadella bologna sausage and balsamic vinegar.

In Rimini, along with Italian restaurants, tourists can visit the restaurants serving Russian, Canadian, Asian, Japanese and Indian cuisine. In the city's locations to all famous Italian dishes are served Piadina tortillas, which are cooked only in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

In Rimini often are held various festivals and entertainment events. Italian New Year is a traditional feast and very important event of the summer. The feast is famous for its concerts, fireworks and demonstrations, all events are going off in pink color, this color is a symbol of the feast, which is called "Pink Night."

Between spring and autumn, various jazz festivals often are held in the city. They are always held with dances and exhibitions, funny and provocatively, like all Italian festivals.

During the holiday season are often arranged on the beach animated entertainment programs for kids and adults. Typically, these entertainments are free, which is very pleasing for local tourists.

In general, Rimini is the most popular resort of the Adriatic. This city is perfect those who want to relax qualitatively, enjoy the sun and sea, as well as improve their health.

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