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Riccione is a resort town on the Adriatic coast, just south of Rimini. Thousands of years ago this area was populated by the tribes of Picentes. However, when the Roman armies conquered these territories, the Picentes were forced off their land, and the settlement of Riccione was founded. In the 13th century the town was taken over by Italy and already in the 19th century here the first railroad was built, which eventually made Riccione to become a prestigious resort. In the middle of the 19th century the fame of Rimini and Riccione has gone far beyond their borders, and they became popular vacation destinations for residents of neighboring cities and countries, and by 1922 Riccione has already become an independent resort.

Viale Ceccarini - is a street in the city center which is one of the main attractions in Riccione. The street is paved with slabs of marble and stone. The street is not accessible by car and other vehicles, and it is allowed only for walking. On Viale Ceccarini you will find boutiques with the most renowned brands in the world, which is why here you can often see celebrities leisurely strolling in search of new products. By the way, Riccione is a very popular resort for famous Italians and celebrities from all over the world.

In Riccione there is a thermal spring Riccione Terme. It is thanks to the amazing healing properties of mud baths and hot baths that this resort is considered to be "a source of health." Year-round tourists have an opportunity to use four types of thermal water: salt, sulfur, bromide-iodine and manganese.

For families who travel with children there are several water parks on the territory of Riccione. "Aqua fun" and "Beach Village" offer "water recreation" for people of all ages and interests.

Riccione is also famous for its entertainment, nightlife and beach parties, nightclubs and bars. You will never be bored here because Riccione features a whole range of entertainment options for everyone. Each year, international exhibitions on numismatics and philately are held here, and every spring there is a festival "Music of the Adriatic".

The city has a well-developed transport infrastructure. There are buses covering the city, there is a railway station and a sea port. Just a few minute drive from Riccione there is an international airport.

Like Rimini, Riccione is a popular shopping center. Tourists here buy clothing and accessories from well-known brands, and as gifts to their families and loved ones they can buy affordable souvenirs. One of the most common gifts here is salted chocolate, which can be purchased at the gift shop in the Park of salt mines. Also tourists buy beads, figurines and Pinocchio dolls.

As for relaxing on the beach, Riccione has wide beaches with fine and very clean sand. You will find here everything you need for a great stay: bars, showers and restrooms, gyms, swimming pools, billiards, table tennis, as well as other amenities.

Most of the hotels in Riccione are located on the coastline. You will be pleasantly surprised by the staff and amenities of local hotels. Riccione has bicycle friendly hotels, which often gather cyclists from many different countries.

To summarize, we can say that Riccione is a resort for those people who appreciate high quality and at the same time luxurious vacations. Nowadays luxury vacations in this city are particularly enjoyed by members of aristocracy.

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