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Sorrento is a beautiful resort town that is noted for its relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You will not see here the hustle and crowds of people. The city is glorified for its alluring beauty, and tourists love to just walk around it, so going on the beach here is not the main objective.

The most important feature of the city is, of course, its nature. Local landscapes, the sea, the air mixed with the aroma of citrus groves and beautiful rare plants simply amaze you. People who love sightseeing tour will especially like it here, because there is a lot to choose from.

Sorrento has always been a favorite place of many famous people. It was glorified by famous musicians from different eras and depicted in beautiful landscape paintings by many great artists. Sorrento was beloved by Goethe, Stendhal, Mendelssohn, Dickens, Nietzsche, and many other international prominent figures. The famous Russian painter Sylvester Shchedrin wrote many paintings devoted to this city, he also spent here his last days and was buried here.

Today Sorrento attracts many tourists from all over the world. The city has long been considered a very prestigious international resort. Even back in the 1st century representatives of the Roman nobility built their villas here and have been coming here for vacations.

The symbol of Sorrento, which is very interesting, is the lemon. This is due to the fact that a lot of lemon trees grow in the city, and the lemons here are much larger than those that we are used to seeing, and, consequently, healthier and tastier. Citrus trees grow everywhere around the city, which gives the air a special wonderful aroma that is always associated with holidays.

It is believed that the city was founded by the Greeks, but the history states that the first inhabitants of Sorrento were the Phoenicians and they gave the city its name, which was derived from the word "sireon", which means "the land of the Sirens" - mermaids who lured sailors by their amazing beauty and mystery. In his work "The Odyssey" Homer described precisely these wondrous mermaids.

After taking a stroll in the afternoon around the wonderful streets of Sorrento and examining all its attractions, in the evening you can visit one of the local bars or restaurants. If you go to the busy street of Via Corso, you will find many public places - shops, clubs, and different venues. In local stores you can buy exclusive branded items at affordable prices, because local stores always offer great discounts, and after shopping you can enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant. The most interesting of them are local dishes such as sun-dried tomatoes, garlic soup and, of course, pizza. For dessert, you can enjoy a glass of fine wine and a slice of fruit cake.

The best gift that you can bring your family members from Sorrento is the liquor "Limoncello". This is a very tasty drink that is served after a meal, chilled. Those people, who love fine wine, would definitely appreciate "A tear of Christ" – a local wine with its interesting legend. The legend says that the Lord was so upset with human cruelty that he dropped a tear which fell to the foot of Mount Vesuvius and turned into a vine. From the grapes of that vine people later created a wonderful wine, which, by the way, has medicinal properties contained in its antioxidants of the grapes.

Also you can bring from Sorrento beautiful souvenirs and porcelain figurines of Capo di Monti.

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