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Paestum - a beautiful town located in the municipality of Capaccio. The resort is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, was very proud of its inhabitants. Once upon a time a resort called Poseidon and was one of the cities of Greece. It was founded by the Greeks from Sybaris back in VII-VI centuries BC. In 273 BC, the city passed into the possession of the Roman Empire and got its present name - Paestum.

During the founding of the city, in Paestum temples were built, many of which have survived to this day, which is very impressive because these constructions are so strong and reliable that there are more than two thousand years. The conservation of buildings CONTRIBUTE marshy impassable terrain, due to which the residents of the city have left these areas and for many years no one lived here. Paestum was reopened only in 1752 when the road was built, crossing the ancient city.

In Paestum there are many attractions, the most outstanding of these three majestic temple. The oldest of them is the temple of Hera, built in the VI century BC. The temple is also called the Basilica was once meant "Master." Modern scholars who have studied the building believe that the temple was the administrative structure, evidenced by some of the characteristics of the building. Most recently been excavated and found figurines of Hera, which again suggests that the temple was a sanctuary of the goddess.

Not far from the temple of Hera is a temple, which is named in honor of Poseidon. However, studies suggest that in this temple were found statues and coins dedicated to the saint Hera temple so sometimes still called Temple of Hera II.

Temple of Poseidon built about 100 years later than the temple of Hera. It has a very interesting feature: when you stand in the center seems that the columns fan out in a circle and give the impression that the temple at any moment fall. This wonderful optical illusion made the builders of ancient times, keeping his secret to himself, so the secret temple architecture is not disclosed until now, that gives the building a mystery and makes it even more popular among tourists.

Third Temple of Paestum is located away from the first two. It is believed that he was also built in the VI century BC. For a long time it was believed that the temple was dedicated to the goddess Ceres, but recent studies have shown that this view is false - the temple was erected in the name of Athens. One of the distinguishing features of the temple - Doric frieze, consisting of limestone blocks, each of them with two metopes, in addition, with a recess for the triglyphs.

In addition to its famous attractions Paestum luxury hotels and restaurants. Local hotels will delight you with beautiful apartments that have everything you need for a comfortable, decent holiday. Each hotel has gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds for children, billiards, bowling, several different bars and restaurants, a great team of staff and that a lot of important animators.

Restaurants in the city will delight you with delicious dishes, lovingly prepared for you by local chefs. Here you can enjoy excellent seafood and other typical of Paestum snacks, and after a delicious meal, you will have the opportunity to taste the wonderful wines that are produced by a special recipe.

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