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Naples (Napoli) is a legendary city known throughout the world. Neapolitans ascribe themselves to a separate ethnic group, and they are, by the way, have every reason to do that: some peculiarities can be noted in the language, traditions, cuisine and even the culture of this city. Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza, and here this amazingly tasty dish was first created.

Among other things, Naples, whose original name is "Napoli", is also the birthplace of romance songs, a wonderful mandolin that charms with its marvelous sound, a traditional guitar, as well as masquerades with many bright colorful costumes. In this beautiful city, first artistic schools emerged. This is a city with highly developed art and culture. Painting takes a special place on the list of interests of local residents. Among other things, Naples is the birthplace of organized crime, which is not very good for the reputation of the city.

Naples is just full of beautiful and interesting sights, and most of them can be found in the city center. The city has many churches, about 448, and each of them has especially interesting architecture. Usually, the tour of the city starts at Piazza del Plebiscito, with the Royal Palace and the Church of San Francesco di Paola. Near them there is a beautiful Teatro di San Carlo. This was the first big opera complex on the Apennine peninsula. It has been around for several centuries and still delights its viewers. We also recommend visiting Palazzo Reale and well-known Galleria Umberto.

Near the port you will find the Nuovo Castel. It is famous for its amazing architecture in the style of the Middle Ages. Opposite the castle, on a rocky hill, there is a castle-monastery San Michele, a very cozy place, known for its magnificent scenery. To the northeast, on the island of Megaride there is another very interesting building - an ancient Castel del Ovo. The castle is filled with a special atmosphere of antiquity, it retains legends and stories of many generations, and it is especially loved by tourists coming to Naples.

In general, in the city you will find a lot of churches and temples, because here they are literally everywhere. Very interesting are the chapel Sangro di San Severo, and amazing churches San Lorenzo Maggiore, Jesu Nuovo and Santa Chiara. Quite amazing is the church resembling a fortress, San Domenico Maggiore, and, of course, a wonderful chapel San Gennaro.

Above all of this beauty there proudly stands the world famous volcano Vesuvius. Naples is located just at its foot. On the slopes of the volcano there are regular excavations, the largest of which are the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. All found treasures are carefully restored and exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Tourists can take a walk on the slopes of the volcano and see these excavations firsthand.

Under the city there are dozens of kilometers of various underground catacombs, tunnels and even galleries that over the centuries have been created by locals. Some of the tunnels were used as storage tanks; others were tombs, and the rest - underground churches and monasteries. Basically, under the city you will find another city full of mysteries and interesting legends.

Naples is also famous for its designer shops, luxury hotels and amazing restaurants where you will find all dishes from the Italian cuisine in a combination with delicious local wine.

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