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Apulia (Puglia) is the region, which is also called “the heel of the boot of the Italian peninsula”. It is the wonderful region, the strip of land, stretching into the sea and offering the beaches to fit every taste, ranging from the sandy ones in Porto Cesario (Porto Cesario) and Bear Tower (Torre dell'Orso) to the rocky coasts of Otranto (Otranto) and Santa Maria di Leuca (Santa Maria di Leuca), where the Ionian Sea (crystal clear and calm) and the Adriatic one (intensely blue) meet.

Those, who love the sea, have a wide range of options to choose from, ranging from the  commune Gallipoli (Gallipoli) to the mountain ranges of the Gargano (Gargano) and the beautiful Tremiti Islands (Isole Tremiti), washed by the clear sea water.

Lake Occhito (Occhito), extending between the regions Molise (Molise) and Apulia (Puglia), is the only local lake with the fresh drinking water. This region is considered to be the least mountainous Italian region (only 2%). However, in the north, there are several mountains, belonging to the chain Daunia (Daunia), such as Mount Cornacchia (il Monte Cornacchia), which is 1151 meters in height, and Mount Saraceno (il Monte Saraceno), which is 1145 meters in height.

Those tourists, who want to explore the history, can visit a wide range of places, characterising the ancient roots of this land: from the prehistoric time to the ancient Greek era, from the era of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance.

The provinces of Apulia include:  Bari (Bari) - the capital, Barletta Andria Trani (Barletta Andria Trani), Brindisi (Brindisi), Foggia (Foggia), Lecce (Lecce) and Taranto (Taranto).

In this area, there are wonderful historical sites to fit every taste; the lovers of the ancient history as well as the fans of the medieval and baroque times will like them. There are the beautiful castles, built on the rocky cliffs on the seacoast, and the small villages, where one can still enjoy handmade masterpieces thanks to the secrets handed down from the ancestors.

You can also visit Castel del Monte (Castel del Monte), located near the city Andria; it is the unique masterpiece of the medieval architecture, built by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen in the thirteenth century.

The Tremiti Islands (Tremiti) include five beautiful islands: San Domino (San Domino), San Nicola (San Nicola), Capraia (Capraia), Cretaccio (Cretaccio) and Pianosa (Pianosa). It is the paradise in miniature, where history and nature merge perfectly revealing beautiful landscapes to explore.

The crystal clear waters of the Tremiti Islands create the wonderful scenery: the lively bays, caves and deep sea bottom, surrounded by the beautiful vegetation and populated by numerous species of fish.

The depth of the Adriatic Sea reaches 90 meters in some places here. The life forms, colonising this part of the sea, create the fascinating combination of colours.

In order to discover the natural wonders of the region and learn about the history and traditions, you can choose an alternative method of transportation: a bicycle tour.

The cuisine of the Apulia will satisfy everybody. Local cooks create original dishes using such products as hard wheat, vegetables, oil, meat and fish. The homemade pasta, fresh sea fish and good meat with vegetables will provide you with the unforgettable experiences. Those guests, who like sea fish, can taste all sorts of dishes, cooked using this product: raw, pickled, or baked fish as well as delicious soups and many other meals, which will satisfy even gourmets.

This region is famous due to the bread, baked in Altamura (Pane di Altamura), characterised by the special aroma. The clementines, raised in the Gulf of Taranto (golfo di Taranto), are very sweet and juicy. The olives Bella della Daunia (Bella della Daunia) have been cultivated in the commune Foggia (Foggia) since 1400, this commune is famous both for the olive oil and fine wines, possessing different characteristics depending on the area of production.



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Distances between main cities

Бари Таранто Фоджа Катания Неаполь Рим
Бари 97 136 536 266 432
Таранто 216 483 307 513
Фоджа 612 177 383
Катания 588 797
Неаполь 227
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