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Valle d’Aosta

Valle d'Aosta is located in North-West Italy and has a special status, it’s one of the smallest Italian regions from a geographical point of view. Valle d’Aosta bordered to the west by France, which affects the linguistic predisposition population increasingly being bilingual. The east and south is bordered by Piemonte region in the north of Switzerland. The territory of Valle d'Aosta is famous for its high mountains covered by snow for most of the year.

Here are concentrated numerous mountain ranges, including the famous Monte Bianco height of 4810 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain ranges cover not only in the region but also throughout Europe. You can also point out such famous mountains as  Gran Paradiso reaching 4061 meters and characterized by the presence of numerous glaciers, Monte Rosa mountain reaching 4634 m elevation located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, as well as the Matterhorn mountain range reaching 4478 meters above sea level. In Valle d'Aosta there is Nature Park Gran Paradiso, the first Italian park  under State protection since 1922. It is home to many species of endangered animals such as chamois, marmots, ermine and goats and many others. In this park you can enjoy magnificent views from snow-capped peaks and glacial ridges ending with beautiful green valleys.

Valle d'Aosta region is divided into two parts of the central valley which adjoin the east and west of the valley on the other less, they are very important from an environmental and tourism point of view. These areas are very popular in the summer, thanks to the pleasant temperature and opportunity to get practice in hiking trails and in winter when these picturesque towns are choose by thousands of tourists, lovers of winter sports. Valle d'Aosta is also interesting for its medieval architecture full of charm. It should be noted such architectural masterpieces as Castle Fenice  built in 1200, Verres Castle located in the Val d'Ayas  built in the thirteenth century, theCastle Bard built in the 1800s at the behest of Savoy family, and finally Ussel Castle  built in the twelfth century on the ruins of an ancient building of Roman origin.

Valle d'Aosta is undoubtedly a paradise for winter sports. The region offers 900 km of ski runs and 300 km of groomed trails. In the region there are many well-known ski resorts where train thousands more Alpine skiing instructors.

In the region of Valle d'Aosta, you can try a variety of foods and local dishes. You can try and cow cheese Tom smoked ham Jambon de Bosses, and among the desserts traditional pastry note Torchetti (macaroons), Tegola (cakes) and Chocolate. Local wines are Petite Arvine, Premetta, Chardonnay, Gamay.

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Distances between main cities

Aosta Courmayeur La Thuile Milano Torino Roma
Aosta 34,6 40,3 185 115 764
Courmayeur 14,6 219 148 794
La Thuile 225 154 787
Milano 143 579
Torino 695
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